Toy Hunt: Tron Legacy

Vincent   January 12, 2011   5 Comments on Toy Hunt: Tron Legacy


Tron toys have gotten shit on by almost all web based toy writers and it’s hard not to see why. The 12 inch figures are pretty horrible when you ignore the special electronics on some of them, and the 3 3/4th scale figures leave a lot to be desired when you factor in price and compare them to Hasbro’s always awesome G.I. Joe and Star Wars lines. I had heard all the crabbing, though I still wanted at least a few of them. The other day a perfect storm of a returned gift/Toys R Us Rewards cash/and a coupon for Tron toys all hit to allow me to get a few things for practically nothing.  Let’s check it out!


Sam Flynn’s Deluxe Identity Disc

tron_sams_deluxe_legacy_identity_disc_87104When I first saw Sam Flynn’s electronic Identity Disc in stores, I wanted it. The Identity Disc looks cool, lights up, and makes noises.  I didn’t get it, because I hadn’t seen the movie. I didn’t want to make a purchase on something if I hated the film. My thoughts on Tron Legacy were mostly positive, so it was the perfect time to pick it up.

It’s basically what it appears to be. A ring that lights up and makes noises. It comes with a cheap but effective stand, so that’s a nice bonus. You’re either going to like it or not and I like it a lot.

Kevin Flynn’s Light Cycle

tron_legacy_kevin_flynn_light_cycle_87086When this sucker first appeared on the shelf, I knew I had to get it. I never had the original light cycle, nor did I pick up the re-issues. I couldn’t let the Tron Legacy version of Kevin Flynn’s light cycle go by. The biggest hold back was the price. I’ve seen Flynn’s Light Cycle go for 15 to 20. Thankfully with my combination of coupons and credit at Toys R Us mine was basically free. It is pretty awesome, but unfortunately it’s not 15 to 20 dollars awesome. The light effect is nice, but not worth it for that added price. What’s really annoying is that the light doesn’t stay on very long. I’m not sure if this would bother a kid or not, I know if I was little and I was having to hit the button every five seconds I’d be pissed. This is probably due the small batteries used in the light cycle. Perhaps if they would have used a single A battery we could have gotten something with a little more juice.

As a side note, I wish they made this thing in colors other than white, but considering its a one of a kind as far as Tron Legacy goes, white is where it’s at.

Rinzler and Black Guard

tronrinzlerblackguardtoysactionfiguresspinmasterSince the Rinzler and Black Guard figures are almost exactly the same, I can’t justify talking about them individually. I picked up Rinzler because he looks cool, he’s the Darth Vader of the film, and well I don’t want to give anything else away if you haven’t seen it. I got the other guy basically because he was on sale with my coupons and he looks cool.

Both figures have lights in their chest, which is neat and all but they really detract from what could make a great figure. The electronics inside don’t allow the figures to have turnable wastes. This totally cuts on their articulation and makes them look a little bit odd.

Both of the figures come with a fair amount of accessories including discs, some sort of other weapon thingy, and extra light cycle/light fighter rods. What are those things called? It’s nice that Rinzler’s attach to his legs, but the Black Guard doesn’t have that option. Boo.

I’m told by Chris of Television Zombies that the 12 inch Rinzler can’t even hold his discs. That’s not so much the problem with the smaller counterpart and his friend, the Black Guard. However, the manner in which they hold them isn’t very cool. It’s serviceable, but I really can only get a serviceable pose out of these guys with their discs.

They both come with stands, which is always a plus. The only negative about them is that the pegs are too close together to pose their legs in any dynamic pose. Yes, it’s hard to get them in one to begin with, but it’s even more tough when they are forced to stand completely straight legged.

I’m willing to give Spin Masters a little slack here, because they don’t make action figures for boy toy lines of this calibur. They just don’t have a handle on it, just like Playmates didn’t with their failed with their double dose of failure with Terminator Salvation and ’09 Star Trek lines. Hell, even the mighty Mattel wasn’t able to pull of Avatar or their 3.75″ DC superhero figures. For as bad as this line is viewed by many collectors, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. I don’t absolutely hate the figures like it seems I’m supposed to, but I think they’re far from perfect. I’m glad I got at least these two. I just hope that if Spin Masters somehow keeps making these that they’ll get through the learning curve and improve sculpting and articulation.

  • Hdawger

    Have you tried playing frisbee with the disc yet? XD

  • lamartherevenger

    I’m tempted to get the diecast metal vehicles.. they look pretty cool

  • I was looking at the Tron: Legacy toys the other day myself. I had seen a video review for Identity Disc, and its a nice display piece. I don’t know if I want Sam Flynn’s or hopefully can pick up Kevin Flynn’s white disc.

    It does say that its a collectable and is not meant to be thrown… which is kinda lame… lets make a toy thats a frisbee and tell kids NOT to throw it!

  • I’m gonna play Frisbee with your disc, ok ?

  • Chad B

    I’ve been mildly tempted by some of the figures, but I’m getting to be a sucker for any 3-3/4″ to 4″ scale figure.