Toy Hunt: Toy Cars and Books

Vincent   March 15, 2017   Comments Off on Toy Hunt: Toy Cars and Books

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It was another successful toy/pop culture collectible hunt and it’s time to share what I’ve bagged. Join me fellow pop culture junkies on a journey of spending money on junk!


I found this 1:18th scale Dodge Challenger cop car at Toys R Us. Not only does it make a really sweet accessory for action figures, I own a Dodge Challenger and I think it’s awesome buying toys of a car I have. Now it’s temping me to paint it up in cop colors and put a ram bar on the front.



These Halo Hotwheels vehicles are great. I’m not really into Halo anymore, yet I still appreciate the aesthetics of the human vehicles and technology. I plan on using these in our roleplaying games to help visualize the battlefield. Obviously, that means I probably need some more of these.


I found a pair of acrylic handled nunchaku aka nunchucks at an antiques store for the low price of eight bucks. They’re basically a conversation piece, because they’re not that practical. They also kinda look like dildos…


And while we’re on the topic of role playing games, my girlfriend has thought about running a DS9 rpg at some point. I did the nice thing of buying her these Star Trek rpg books to supplement her possible future plans. I also got this Star Wars canned adventure book, to give me ideas for future Star Wars games.


Finally, I got this Return of the Jedi pop up book. It’s got the usual problem with pop up books where a few of them are broken, but there’s a bunch of them that are working just fine. It’s a pretty cool little book. I love how the cover of the book is relatively plain. Now days it would feature some hero characters prominently in explosive action.


This pop up makes me laugh. Look at that tie fighter. That’s from A New Hope, not Return of the Jedi.