Toy Hunt: The Stormshadow Chinese Solution, Chewbacca He-Man, and More

Vincent   March 27, 2017   Comments Off on Toy Hunt: The Stormshadow Chinese Solution, Chewbacca He-Man, and More

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Welcome back, appreciators of me buying toys and pop culture miscellany! I didn’t think I’d be doing that many Toy Hunt posts, since I kinda quit toy collecting, but here we are!


The above G.I. Joe toy is a Stormshadow moc from China. G.I. Joe was produced in China in the early 1990s. The reason why I went with this guy is that it’s probably the earliest carded Stormshadow I’ll ever be able to afford. The U.S. version alone can fetch up to 600 bucks (non graded). I paid about 60 bucks for this one from a guy from Singapore on eBay. These G.I. joe figures were made by Hasbro, so it’s not a bootleg or some other company with the license. The card is really good quality, which basically ruins the collectability of other international releases like Funskool.


The only negative about this Chinese Stormshadow is that his card is slightly larger than the standard American one, so he doesn’t fit into any of my action figure cases. It’s a minor gripe and hopefully I can find a larger case to put him in.


I got this Robocop cop car model from a thrift store. It’s brand new and I’m unsure if I’ll put it together or not, especially since the body isn’t painted so I’d have to airbrush the thing. Regardless, I was always a fan of Robocop’s cop car, particularly because it was a “future” car that just happened to be an 80s era Ford Taurus. At least it was a SHO which featured a Yamaha engine which was very powerful for the time (and especially powerful for a family sedan.)


Speaking of model cars, I got a couple of used cases. Maybe they’ll be usefull for some other toy based applications as the image above shows.


The He-Man mini comics collection is a book I’ve been meaning to get for some time. I wasn’t sure about the quality of the comics, since I really don’t remember reading them. I was really little when He-Man came out and of course I lost all of the ones that came with my figures. However as a nostalgia junky that loves pulp art, this is a solid pic for me. (Help support the site and get yours on Amazon).

I started reading it a bit and boy is it different from the cartoon. It’s a decent read so far and I really enjoy that there’s interviews and factoids throughout. Plus it collects every single He-Man mini comic including the She-Ra ones.


Comic books. Seems like no Toy Hunt is complete without a random pile of cheap comics. This time I got a few issues of Punisher and a couple of other randos. Damn, Punisher is a ridiculous superhero. He’s so serious that it’s ridiculous, but I enjoy reading his comics from time to time.


I haven’t collected a ton of Star Wars Black six inch figures for a variety of reasons, one of the biggest is that I rarely see figures I want in stores. I never saw this Chewbacca in stores when it was first out, so when I spotted it at a local thrift shop/toy store for slightly less than retail I jumped on it.


This display is for Metal Earth toys. I have a few of them, but the one I tried to put together was an exercise in frustration. I figured I’d try to see if it would work on Gundam figures. And it is pretty decent. Shorter figures may look a little better, like my Tron figure up there. I do like that these are both battery operated and can get power via USB. I may have to get a couple more of these.


Finally, I picked up the Blue Thunder TV series on DVD, because I randomly found it at a local hardware store. I liked the movie and don’t remember the series at all. It’s probably terrible. At least it has Dana Carvey in it? Anyway, it really cashed in on that 80s obsession with vehicle based shows. (buy your copy from Amazon to support the site)