Toy Hunt: Starship Troopers Warrior Bug

This toy hunt we go slightly retro with a mint in box Starship Troopers toy from the late 1990s! A more innocent time when everything was amazing… except maybe the fashion.


I found this huge Warrior Bug a few weeks ago at my semi-local comic and game shop Lost World of Wonders. Back in the 90s I loved Starship Troopers and I still do today. But for some reason I scoffed at the toy line from Galoob and never picked up anything from it. I regret that decision, because most of it’s pretty damned hard to find now as well as pricey. Now that I look back at them, the bugs in the line are fantastic looking, especially considering when they were made.

This bug was priced at 30 bucks. I’ve seen this Warrior Bug go from anywhere from over a hundred to as low as 15 on eBay in the box, and loose they seem to average around 20 to 30, so 30 for the Warrior Bug in the box without any shipping cost is a pretty decent price.


The Warrior Bug stands about 10 inches tall. He’s huge! I’m not sure if he’s in scale with many lines, but I bet it could fight 6 inch scale figures without looking too out of proportion. The bug also features electronic sounds. Unfortunately, the sounds don’t work now even they did when I bought it and shortly thereafter. They batteries may have been on their final legs!

The store had other Starship Troopers toys and the only one that really appealed to me was an Action Fleet sized Warrior bug (about 5 inches tall) that was the same price. I think buying the bigger bug was the wisest option here.

And let’s all take a moment to reflect on the fact that Galoob made a line of action figures meant primarily for children based on an R rated movie that showed extreme violence and nudity. Yeah, I told you the 1990s were awesome.

  • Nice score! I always wanted one of these because I was/am into collecting weird monsters like this.

  • Thanks dude. Yeah, I realized how awesome these were a year ago and was shocked when I looked them up on eBay. I was really happy to find it at a local store for a reasonable price!

  • Lamar The Revenger

    That’s nice! Never saw them around here..

  • They may have had limited distribution, because I only ever remember seeing them once or twice in stores.

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