Toy Hunt: Star Wars Vintage Style Figures!


Thanks to my parents I got a lot of gifts this year. I previously posted my thoughts on the sweet arse AT-AT, which is soley responsible for rekindling my love of collecting Star Wars toys. In the days that followed getting that amazing toy, I managed to use Christmas money to fill some holes in the collection that I didn’t know I needed. Here are my recent finds:

Snowspeeder (Vintage Style)


Not only does this snowspeeder come in a sweet arse vintage style, Empire Strikes Back box, but it’s an all new model! While it is smaller and doesn’t have electronic noises, which I’m sure are coming later. It’s strengths lie in its details, like a bit of improved tooling in the cockpit and the ability to reach farther back into the co-pilot’s area. It also features a little spot for Luke’s grapple gun (sold separately with a certain version of Luke, obviously). It’s probably up to collectors to decide if its worth the repurchase, but I’m  happy with it.

RotJ Vintage Style: Admiral Ackbar

sw-rotj-admiral-ackbar-packging_1283271842Due to the awesome packaging on the vintage style figures, there’s a lot of them that I don’t want to open. However, the promise of a free Boba Fett if I collect enough UPCs combined with the fact that many of these figures are amazing compels me to open them up. A great example is this Admiral Ackbar that’s got all kinds of commanding articulation.

RotJ Vintage Style: R2-D2 with Drink Tray

sw-rotj-r2d2-packging_1283271842The last thing I needed was another R2-D2 action figure… or so I thought. This version comes with the drink tray complete with drinks as seen on Jabba’s sail barge in Return of the Jedi.

RotJ Vintage Style: Wicket

sw-rotj-wicket-packaging_1283271842If I needed any figure less than another R2-D2, it was another Wicket the Ewok. Well, Hasbro suckered me again. This is another figure I didn’t want to open (I’d like to get the new version to hang next to my vintage one, which is signed by Warwick Davis. Jealous much?), but damn it. He comes with an alternate hood that makes him closer to his cartoon version, so I had to get it! I’m such a nerd, it’s disgusting.

  • I haven’t seen Wicket anywhere. I want him. Already have my Ackbar. I want the new AT-AT, but I really don’t have room for it and I have like 4 AT-AT old models in my basement. The last thing I need is more freaking toys.

  • I’ve only seen Wicket once, and I had to pass on him, cause it was either Jedi Luke or that furry s.o.b. I’m hoping to spot another one soon. Wal-Mart here seems to be stocking up the Vintage Collection pretty heavily.

  • Holy crap! They made an R2-D2 with a drink tray?! I NEED this!

    I keep looking for the short packed Boba Fett… I don’t even collect Star Wars, but I think it’d be cool to have one MOC. I went to a local Flea Market and one vendor had like 20 of them in protective cases for like $18.99… so I think I know where they’ve all gone to.

  • clark

    I haven’t purchased any Star Wars toys in a while, but that Admiral Ackbar, and even some of the new Clone Wars figures, have been calling to me. I still have some Christmas money, which I was going to spend on some new clothes, but I might need to take another look at these figure, even that Wicket is looking dang good, although I don’t own any ewok figures because I have always hated their inclusion in the movies, but what the heck.

  • I stopped collecting Star Wars 3 3/4″ a while ago, other than a few vehicles and whatnot, but some of the new vintage figures look great. Tempting, but I’m starting to get a few MOTUC figures, so I can resist for now.

  • At this point I’d say about 80% of my toy purchases/spending is MOTUC… so I gotta think ahead, like if I want to pick up a set of Eternian Guards, I can’t be buying other stuff…