Toy Hunt: Star Wars Black Biggs and Mission Series

The Star Wars Black series has been getting a lot of attention lately, specifically the six inch scale figures. The smaller figures? Not so much. Mostly this is due to the fact that they’re sort of left overs from other lines. Also, super articulated 3.75 inch Star Wars figures aren’t anything new. Still, Hasbro’s take on Star Wars Black is that it’s an upscale collector’s line to differentiate it from the more kid friendly figures. While this is a good theory, there’s a major problem in that it refers to two different scales, which is needlessly confusing.


Even though I’m interested in the six inch Black series, I don’t feel compelled to buy any of the first wave offerings. Likewise, I haven’t been super fired up about the smaller scale. Still, when I spotted this Biggs figure at Wal-Mart I picked him up for both the review and the fact I didn’t have a super articulated Biggs yet.

My first impression on the card? Wow, this is cheap. And dull. The card does not feel like a high end collectible. I wanted the figure and will throw away the card, but my point is that they are not giving the impression that they want to give. ToyHunt_StarWars_BlackSeries_Biggs_3 The colors are so muted that they lifeless. This is a toy, it needs to pop. All they had to do to accomplish that would have been to put a bit more brightness in the side stripe thing and maybe made the Star Wars logo more embossed or something. Plus, the card stock feels really cheap.

And look at the back there. Can that image of Biggs be more washed out? It is supposed to invoke classy, but you effectively end up with a big nearly blank area of white space. When I pulled the bubble from the card it came off really effortlessly as if the glue was incredibly weak. That’s something to consider for MOC collectors.

I’m not normally a complainer when it comes to Hasbro, but this card definitely does NOT feel like it’s any kind of special collectors edition or series.


As for the figure? He’s a Biggs! And uh… comes with a pistol and a helmet, so basically almost no accessories like most of the pilots that came before him (including previous versions of the same character). Is he worth 10 dollars? Nope! But I’m a sucker, I guess.


Now for the Star Wars Mission Series. I recently decided to host a social gathering at my place and for the first time I was confronted with the prospect of children attending the party. I don’t have nieces or nephews or any other kid of my own running around. I have second cousins that are little, but they live way up north. And while I have a massive toy collection, if a kid touched any of that I’d have to cut off his or her hands. I didn’t have any toys that a kid could actually play with, so I thought I’d stop at the store and get some of the new Star Wars figures that are cheaper and only feature 5 points of articulation like the original Kenner Star Wars figures.


I’m not a kid, so I can’t tell how much kids today may or may not enjoy them. From my perspective, they might like them because they’re more durable. With Super Articulated figures many of them are rather fragile and I’ve wondered while getting frustrated posing them that if kids like them. Here’s the exact opposite, a figure that can get really beat up on and not lose a hand trying to put a gun into it. The scuplting on these figures is great. I particularly like Jango Fett’s look. He’s a bit thicker and more squat than my preferred version of the figure, but it’s still a fantastic likeness. The battle droid is a battle droid. Hard to mess those up.


Vader looks pretty cool. He’s certainly more detailed and closer to looking to the film version than I grew up with, particularly with the well done cloth cape instead of vinyl. At first I thought it was a rip off that Darth Vader didn’t come with another figure, but with more of a prop like droid. This thing ended up being pretty cool though. I could see collectors buying this set just to add this droid to their collection or as a set piece in a diorama. And I’ve stolen it from the kid’s toy pile for my own. Take that, stupid kids!

Now I’d like to point out something with the packaging. It’s pretty well done. One feature which is particularly of note with this packaging is that you can ope in and still keep the items on the card. The pictures you see of the carded figures have actually been opened, removed, and then put back. Wouldn’t that be a cool feature for the Black packaging? You know, the high end figure line?

  • Dex

    I’ve seen and heard many stories from the toy aisles about the 3.75″ Black and Saga figures with loose, and sometimes completely off, bubbles. Hopefully it’s a first run issue they’ll correct going forward.

  • Mark Furniss

    Couldn’t agree with you more regarding the 3.75 packaging – it’s ugly, does NOT stick out in a toy aisle, and extremely cheap. I understand the need to cut corners in order to keep prices down, but for fack’s sake, add a little colour, a photo – something. By far the ugliest packaging since the line’s launch back in 1995 (!).

  • RobotsPJs

    I just can’t get over at how cheap it feels for being a “high end collectible” either cut back on costs or spend a bit to make something really nice. You really can’t do both at once.