Toy Hunt: Sideshow’s Shiny Clonetrooper


Sideshow Toys has been putting out Star Wars figures for a number of years now and it wasn’t until recently that i put my toe in the Sideshow waters. It’s hard to drop more than 20 bucks on a six inch figure and it’s infinitely more difficult to drop a C-note or more on a 12 inch. But man, do I love clone troopers and when I found out I could buy a standard, high quality clone trooper, I took the plunge. The standard clone trooper comes in two flavors, one battle hardened and one fresh and clean aka “shiny”. I went with “shiny”.

I knew what I was getting based on staring at the pictures online, but opening the window box revealed a stunning smorgasbord of parts and accessories. One of the cool things about Sideshow figures is that they generally come in a box that’s easy to open and easy to store.


You get two heads with this guy, so he can either be a Phase I or Phase II trooper. Generally I prefer the look of the Phase I helmet, however it doesn’t make as good of a translation into 3D. It looks a bit flat, but I’m sticking with it on my trooper.

Overall the sculpting is great on this thing and the articulation is about where I hoped it would be.The only thing I’m not really hot on is the body suit has a bit of a striped thing going in the fabric. I wish it was a more flat surface rather than the ribbed one you get.

There’s not a ton of paint on this guy, but the guns have a nice wash on them.


There’s a variety of hands available, some better than others. I love that he’s got a thumbs up. Some of the other hands are for silent signals to other troopers, which probably are more suitable for one of the striped command troopers, but I’m not going to complain. There’s extra feet so you can give the Clone Trooper a crouching position. The only complaint I have in this department is that it was difficult to find a pair of hands that accommodate the mini-gun and even they don’t really do the trick. I also couldn’t find a really good left hand to hold the barrel of the blaster carbine (the smaller blaster), so I settled for the more open hand. Doesn’t look the greatest, but it will do.


Accessories Highlights:

* Backpack first scene in the maligned Clone Wars movie: It looks really cool on the trooper. Even though it’s not standard gear, it’s staying on mine.

* Mini gun looking blaster: At first I was most excited for this accessory. However, due to the difficulty of getting it into his hands, I quickly became frustrated with it and put it back in the box.

* “Poppers” aka EMP granades. These are pretty cool and it’s not too tough to fit one in one of the hands.

* Blaster Carbine: Looks just like the ones seen in the movie, and it’s satisfyingly large.

* Blaster Rifle: The blaster rifle is huge! It’s about as long as the Clone is tall. What a great gun.

Overall, if you can swing the price I’d def pick up the Sideshow Clone Troopers while they’re available. You don’t want to miss out when they’re gone and you can only get some weird variant.

General- Sideshow Collectibles

  • I’ve admired Sideshows offering from a far, but have yet to pull the trigger. I showed a recent Hot Toys release to my wife (she does support my hobby and fanatical collecting) who then sighed and asked, “isn’t that just a Barbie”.
    ME: “NO! It’s a super articulated and hyper detailed collectible that’s 1/6th scaled”.
    WIFE: “What’s that mean?”
    ME: “12 inches give or take”
    WIFE: “Like a Barbie”
    ME: (silently stewing because she may have won the battle, but not the war)

  • Hmmm I don’t know why 12 inches automatically means “Barbie”. I mean, if they made a Barbie that was 3-1/4ths scale, that wouldn’t make her a G.I. Joe.