Toy Hunt: Sideshow Commander Wolffe

Vincent   March 19, 2014   Comments Off on Toy Hunt: Sideshow Commander Wolffe


When I got my Sideshow “Shiny” clone trooper in the mail two things happened. The first was that I had gotten a new job in between ordering him and him being shipped (it was a pre-order and it took months), which allowed me to buy more junk. The second thing was that Sideshow included a coupon that expired in 5 days! What was I to do?! Use the coupon on another Clone Trooper, of course! And not just any Clone Trooper, a cool Commander with a bad ass name like Wolfee.


Bringing a rookie into the grinder.

I’m not going to get every variation of every trooper and I was limited by what’s available now. In addition to the regular clone I wanted an ARC trooper and Commander Wolffe is close enough, plus he’s got some cool decos going on. To be honest I’d prefer Captain Rex, but I missed my window on that one (the new one is Phase II only. If they’d have just put a Phase I head in that box it would be an instant buy). And full disclosure I feel way behind on the Clone Wars cartoon, so I have no idea this guy’s story. He just looks cool to me. I do find it funny that it’s spelled Wolffe. Like you couldn’t just use “wolf” because it’s too earthy. Put some unnecessary letters in there to make it sound more Star Warsy.


Not a fan of that helmet…

Commander Wolffe sports a fantastic paint job. It looks like he’s been out in the field for some time and has seen a lot of action.

This dude comes with four heads! Four! You get his Phase I and II looks and frankly, the Phase I look is far superior here. One note is that antenna looking thing (that’s really a targeting scope) on my Phase II helmet had a really short peg where it goes into the helmet. This results in it falling off if you’re not really gentle with it. It doesn’t bother me that much since I’m never going to display him with that helmet, though.

You also get two heads of the non-helmeted variety. The first is he’s got a robot eye and the second he is a little more messed up and more angry. I’m guessing the course of the war did not treat him well. Regardless, with his helmet off Wolffe has got a really great look to distinguish him from his clone brethren.


You don’t want to mess with this guy.

The biggest difference between Wolffe and and another ARC Trooper or Captain Rex (aside from the cool paint job), is that he’s lacking the rad shoulder pauldron. At some point I’d like to get either a custom ARC pauldron or a parted out one and stick it on this guy, otherwise I think he looks fine without it. Instead of a pauldron, he has the antenna thingy on his shoulder armor that is more identifiable with Commander Cody. And here is where I ran into an issue. When I first saw that tiny antenna I thought, “Wow that might be fragile.” Then about a minute later the top part had broken off. Such is life.


Happier times. Note the antenna is broken on his shoulder.

Accessoriy Highlights:

* Jetpack: Wolffe gets a jetpack. Jetpacks are cool. It sticks on his back via magnets. Magnets!

* Hands, Feet: Wolffe comes with plenty of hands and feet to capture pretty much any pose you want.

* Guns: You get the two pistols that the ARC troopers are famous for thanks to the first ARC trooper appearing in the 2D Clone Wars series. They look a little small. The 2D ARC trooper had huge pistols. Yes, that was a more exaggerated style, but it would be nice if at least one of these guys had two Robocop style pistols to sling around.

* You also get the standard Clone trooper blaster with this dude and at least one “popper” EMP grenade.

* Stand: He comes with a display stand like all the other Sideshow figures. However, the Sideshow Exclusive one comes with a Clone Wars themed one. This is okay, but not a huge incentive to buy from them. Basically if you want him and see him at a local store for a good price don’t hold out for a Sideshow exclusive version.

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