Toy Hunt Robocop Style: The ED-209 From NECA

I’ve always loved ED-209 from Robcop. One of my favorite incarnations of him is the ED-260 from Kenner toys. When NECA announced a scale ED-209 to go along with their Robocop figures, I went nuts. A large arse ED-209 that looks fantastic and costs far less than the Hot Toys version? Sign me up! Finally the wait is over and I can add ED-209 to my collection.


Just a cool robot hanging out.

I originally wanted to buy ED-209 from Nerd Rage Toys, but he informed he me wasn’t carrying it. I was contemplating my purchasing options when I found it, in all places, at an antique store. One of the booths there had all brand new stuff. It was really bizarre. Regardless, I had to have NECA’s ED-209 after seeing it in person.


I really dig the box on this one. I’m a former MOC collector, but I still recognize a good box when I see one. It’s classy and I like it more than a window box. They’re a lot easier to keep nice if you are a MOC collector. There’s lots of artwork all over this thing. Upon opening this nice box I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was very little in the way of packing material and zero assembly. Those are both huge bonuses. I’m not the most environmentally conscious dude, but I do feel rather guilty when opening a toy and I’m left with a huge pile of garbage afterwards.


First Impressions: Wow is this guy great looking. Lots of nice details and great sculpting. Then I move the arms around a bit. Onto the legs to find that they can move up and down, that’s cool. The other leg (his right) looks like it could be moved too, though it seems to be held in place. I turn the upper torso and… it happens. It comes apart in my hands.

This isn’t the first time a NECA figure has broken when I’ve been moving it around in a not forceful manner. I managed to have a Predator wrist blade snap off before. Out of five figures I’ve purchased of NECA’s, two have broken. That’s not an encouraging rate of failure. Luckily, this break occurred at a natural joint and looks like it will be fairly easy to super glue. Unfortunately, the problem here is I’m hesitant to move anything else on it with the fear that it will break. That right leg, can it move?

It doesn’t take a whole lot for me to lose faith in a company and paying 60 bucks for a product that breaks within 5 minutes of opening isn’t exactly confidence building. I complained about this on Twitter and NECA said they would replace it if I bought it from them, otherwise I’d have to take it back to where I got it from. Considering it was a “All Sales Final” antique store that’s located an hour and a half away from me, I have to try to fix it myself.

Just cross your fingers with this one if you do decide to take the plunge. Personally the next time NECA has a pricey toy I’ll think twice about A. Purchasing it. B. If I do take the plunge only getting it from a place that has a generous return policy. I hate buying a toy and being afraid to move any part of it in the fear that it might just snap off in my hand.


NECA’s ED-209 comes with electronic sound FX inside to enhance the fun. The sound is a bit tinny overall. I don’t need this sort of thing, I’d rather save a couple of bucks off the purchase price and have no electronic sounds. And when there are sounds, I much prefer them being sound FX without dialog. Or separate buttons for dialog. That’s not what we have here, it’s sound effects and dialog from Robocop on a loop as you push the button.


Robocop wins, I guess.

ED-209’s articulation isn’t that great. In fact, it’s pretty lacking. Most of it is in the upper half with the arms and the little shoulder flaps. As I said before, I’m afraid to move his right leg, but it’s cool that his left leg slides up and down like the model in the film. This figure really could have used articulation in the ankles and lacking that, it would have been really nice to have toe articulation. I’m guessing it was a cost issue, but at a MSRP of 70… man, it’s tough paying so much without nice touches like that.


V for victory?

Okay, I might have gone a little more negative than I liked to on this one. But with that being said overall this is a really cool toy. If you’re a fan of Robocop and like kick ass looking robots I’d give this one a recommendation. ED-209 looks fantastic on the shelf next to Robocop and that’s really the most important feature for me. Now I just have to find my old Kenner ED-260 to display alongside of him.