Toy Hunt: NECAs Dutch, Robocop, and Predator!

I’m on a bit of a NECA Toys kick lately, since I realized how sweet it is to be able to own pop culture icons from the 1980s all in the same scale. Read on to see three of the NECA figures I’ve aquired recently: Jungle Patrol Dutch, Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster, and Jungle Hunter Predator!


Man, this is amazing. I love being able to buy a figure of Dutch (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) from Predator. As far as I know, this is the only time that Dutch has been made into an action figure (discounting the Hot Toys version, I aint got money for that).

I got Jungle Patrol Dutch off of Toys R Us’s website, not knowing that there were a bunch of them at one of the Toys R Us stores in town. Oh well.

Dutch’s articulation is hidden a bit by the scupting, so instead of seeing his knee joints, they’re hidden by a little bit of pants. While this makes it look a little less like a toy, it makes his legs look weird if you look too close.

"I vill cut you Danny!"

“I vill cut you Danny!”

Dutch comes with a knife, a pistol, and a M16 rifle. The pistol didn’t seem to want to fit into his shooting hand, because his fingers are so stiff. That’s kind of lame. The knife seems too small in the open hand, but I guess it works. His best pose is holding his M-16 with both hands, so that’s the one I’ll probably stick with mostly.

One thing I really love about this figure is that he’s almost a dead ringer for the Commando figure I had from the Commando action figure line of the 1980s. However, if NECA were to make a Schwarzenegger Commando figure, I’d buy one in addition to Jungle Patrol Dutch here.

Score: 8 out of 10 Get to da Choppas


After taking a math test on which I scored 99 out of 100 points, I figured I’d rewarded myself with a Predator at a Toys R Us that is on the way home if they had one. When I got to the aisle there was already a big nerd dude there with the Jungle Hunter Predator in his hands and it looked like the last one. I had to wait until he left the NECA section before I could check. The peg hooks were full of Dutch (both versions) and I was lucky that there was ONE Jungle Hunter Predator left. I was excited that I could get my hands on a Jungle Hunter Predator. This isn’t the first time he’s been offered, but this version has more articulation according to the package. And now that I’m kind of into NECA figures, it’s cool to have a Predator for Dutch to battle.

Our pal Predator here is pretty cool. My only complaint was that his leg joints were a tad loose. It was my only complaint until this happened:

Toy tragedy!

Toy tragedy!

When I got home I was excited to open him up and start taking pictures of him with my new Robocop and Dutch. Alas, it was not to be. After putting his shoulder cannon on Jungle Hunter Predator I started messing with his retractable wrist blades. I only realized how delicate they were after one snapped into two pieces. Holy shit are these things fragile. I really wish there would have been a warning. Even better would have been a slider on the side of the wrist mount that you could use to move them up and down rather on the blades themselves.

ARGH Ruined!

ARGH Ruined!

As much as I like Jungle Hunter Predator, I’ll have to take him back to Toys R Us to try to get a refund. I’d exchange him if there were more on the shelf. The broken wrist blade effectively ruins the whole figure, so it’s going to really count against the old Predator’s score.

Score: 3 out of 10 Over Heres (Will re-evaluate if I can get a replacement)

"Your move, Nerd."

“Your move, Nerd.”

I wrote about the NECA spring loaded holster Robocop before, but I figured I’d write just a bit more about him while I had him out. I really dig this figure. There’s not that much else to it. While he doesn’t have as much articulation and pose-ability as the Figma Robocop that I own, he’s large and in charge. He also has a much better likeness to Peter Weller.

He's got leg and knows how to use it.

He’s got leg and knows how to use it.

This is the first time that Robocop’s gun can be placed in his leg and pop out. Previous versions like the Figma figure have had a detachable leg piece. Kenner’s old Robocop figures had the gun plug into the side of his leg.

The pieces that compose the holster are a bit delicate. The piece that pops out to the side in particular keeps coming off, so be careful! It took me time to figure how to get back in. I also had a little bit of difficulty getting the pistol back in the first time I tried it.


The only thing that NECA’s Robocop could use is another hand in a more of a open drawing motion, like my Figma figure has:

Japanese Figma Robocop.

Japanese Figma Robocop.

NECA’s figure comes with another hand featuring his data port spike, which is nice. Still. I would have liked the open hand for drawing his pistol a lot more.

Overall this is an excellent figure for Robocop fans. While he doesn’t have as much detail as I’d like in the paint department and aside from the quibble about not having a “drawing hand”, I really like that NECA’s Robocop doesn’t suffer as much from the odd hip displacement that the Figma figure has in certain angles and poses.

Score: 8 out of 10 Dead or Alive You’re Coming with Mes

80s Bros.

80s Bros.

These dudes are super cool.

These dudes are super cool.