Toy Hunt: Ghostbusting with Mr. Venkman


I don’t often brag about the toys I buy any more, mostly because it feels silly and also because I don’t buy as much as I used to. Still, there are times where I feel that bragging must be done. So let’s catch up on a couple of purchases!


I’d been on the fence about the Mattel Ghostbuster figures for some time. On the one hand Ghostbusters=Awesome, on the other hand… well there’s a lot on the negative side. Let me list them for you:

1. 20 bucks is too expensive.
2. Sculpts not done by Four Horsemen plus the same body used for all the Ghostbusters doesn’t equal a 20 dollar figure.
3. The line is artificially spread too thin to make it last longer.

So when the opportunity to buy Peter came around during a Matty Collector sale, I jumped on board. Now my only problem is I wish I could have afforded the other three dudes, but if I can only get one, it’s Peter. Why? The only Ghostbuster I got from the time of The Real Ghostbusters was Peter, so it’s only appropriate.

After opening him I realized I made the right choice in purchasing him. If he’d have been 20 bucks (plus 8 shipping) he’d have been way overpriced, but at about half that it was a good buy. This version of Peter Venkman came with a proton stream, which frankly ALL of the Ghostbusters should have come with. His articulation seems good enough to do any pose I’d like to leave him in. Despite the sculpting not being done by the Four Horesmen it’s pretty good and he totally captures the feel of Peter Venkman well enough for me. It’s just a tad “soft” if that’s a thing. I don’t know, I’m not a professional toy reviewer and I’m a lot less picky than a lot of collectors out there.

Peter shows Gentleman Ghost how busting makes him feel.

Peter shows Gentleman Ghost how busting makes him feel.

The only real beef I have with this figure is with his proton wand (the gun part of the proton pack). Its made of soft plastic that I suppose is nice so it doesn’t break, but it’s almost impossible to get to look straight when he is holding it.

Overall, I’d give the Mattel Peter Vankman a solid 4 our of 5 Stay Pufts. If it had been more expensive his score would have dropped considerably.

  • Tribsaint

    THe only way I got the set was to pick the Xmas 4 pack (50 on clearance)that came out. It is the darker GB2 outfits but hey it’s better than 28 a pop

  • Oh yeah, that makes sense. I wouldn’t mind the other three like that.