Toy Hunt: G.I. Joe Con 2013 Edition

You know the good point of going on a toy spending spree? I get to justify it by writing about it! I bought a lot of cool things at the International G.I. Joe Convention of 2013 and I thought I’d share my haul. Mostly because I like to brag about the sweet arse toys I find. I eat your jealousy up like Girl Scout Thin Mints. Mmmmm delicious jealousy.

G.I. Joe Mauler Tank


Man, wanted one of these suckers bad. I realized that I hadn’t ever seen one at a convention or rummage sale before and on eBay the prices were a little steep (40 to 70 ish). And a bunch of them were missing parts here and there. This one is fully complete and I didn’t have to pay shipping. It was marked 55, but the guy gave me a deal for buying this, the Mortar Defense set and the Buzz Boar at the same time.

G.I. Joe L.C.V. Recon Sled


This vehicle fits right into the weird combination of nonsensical military vehicles that were still somehow in realistic military colors. It’s a ridiculous motorcycle thing, but I had one when I was a kid and I lost the canopy and telescope. I’ve been meaning to get a replacement for some time now and the price was decent on this sucker so I bit.

Tigerforce Tiger Paw


Hot damn did I love Tiger Force and Python Patrol when I was a lad. Still love it. I found this bad boy and it came with a box. Vintage G.I. Joe box art is the tits. This was one that I couldn’t pass up. Now the next ones I’m going after are the two Tiger Force boats.

G.I. Joe Havoc


The G.I. Joe Havoc is such a weird vehicle. The pilots(?) passengers(?) in the front are supposed to lay down. Regardless, it was only 15 bucks complete. This one was in my wheelhouse because my cousins (who are brothers) both had one. I spent many hours at their house playing G.I. Joes and even though I never had a Havoc of my own, I have a sort of fondness for it.


The best part of the Havoc is the recon sled that comes out of the back. That alone turns this thing from a ho-hum to pretty cool, at least in my kid brain. Two vehicles for the price of one!

G.I. Joe Mortar Defense


I love, LOVE the little G.I. Joe accessory sets. I bought a Mortar Defense unit on eBay… but it didn’t come with the mortar launcher. Since I can never have too many oil barrels, gas cans, and sandbags for my Joe team, I picked up this set.

Cobra Buzz Boar

I forgot to take a pic of my Buzz Boar...

I forgot to take a pic of my Buzz Boar…

By Crom this thing is so ridiculous, G.I. Joe was going off the rails quickly at this point in the product life cycle. Still, I thought that the Cobra Buzz Bore was cool in the G.I. Joe N.E.S. game when I was a kid, so I always wanted it.

Cobra STUN


Yet another entry into the weird vehicle Hall of Fame is the Cobra STUN. This one I got in a parts dump for three dollars. Yeah, it needs some parts, but I couldn’t pass on it for 3 bucks!

Cobra Moray Shell


Awhile back I was at a rummage sale that had tons of G.I. Joe stuff. I bought everything, except I left the shell of a Cobra Moray behind. I’ve carried a sort of guilt about it, because when I got home from that rummage sale I realized that in all the parts I would have had a complete Moray. Well, this one cost 10 bucks, and once I have all the parts on it, I think it will be 90% complete. I can finally put that regret to bed.

3D Joes Poster


I really dig this poster by 3D Joes. It features every G.I. Joe made in the 1980s. There are 2 flavors available, with names and specialties and without. I got without. I had been looking forward to getting one at the con, specifically so I could save on shipping.

Convention Exclusive Night Force Box Set


Since I bought the “A Real American Hero Package” I got a set of the Night Force figures. I’d always been impressed with the presentation of the G.I. Joe Club figures, but not super excited about the price. This set is pretty boss. The only figure I really don’t like is Cobra Mortal, because it’s so obvious he’s just a re-painted Snake Eyes. I suppose with such a limited amount of figures made they have to cut costs however possible, though. Either way, I’m going to have to sell a bunch of these to help pay for the trip.


I also got this little ATV with my set that I didn’t expect. It’s a nice “freebie”, but ultimately it’s going to to be eBay fodder.

Convention Exclusive Night Force Night Boomer


This one I bought because I could. And it was cool looking in the case. However this jet was expensive, 145 bucks… so that means I’m probably going to have to sell it since it’s going for over 200 on eBay. I wish I was rich.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    The HAVOC is nice isn’t it? Glad you got the Mauler. (I was looking for you!) The STUN is pretty cool but the flags for it are a pain. So brittle.

  • Tom

    NIce finds! I picked up a vintage Slaughter Equalizer and Armadillo and a few loose figures aside form all the exclusives, I really wish I had planned better and had more to spend on the floor, I think when I go next I’ll sell a kidney or hock a family heirloom before hand

  • Vincent, I keep forgetting that you don’t have my GI Joe vehicles yet. I have at least the Tiger Force Water Mocassin, maybe some others. Lots of classic vehicles. A few real big ones – Mamba, Thunderclap, whatever Ghost Rider piloted.

  • I need the Tiger Force boat!