Toy Hunt: Free Comic Book Day 2013 Edition

Rejoice! It’s another Toy Hunt! This time featuring goodies I picked up during Free Comic Book day 2013.


I went to my sort of local comic / toy / and game shop Lost World of Wonders. I showed up an hour after opening and there was a big line to get to the free comics. It took awhile to get in and I hate lines, but this one was pretty bearable. I only had to hear a minimal of comic nerds talking about comic book movies at a comic book store, which is one of my least favorite things in the universe.

By the time I got in, every free comic was still available. After picking up my free comics the Toy Hunt was on!


I’ve been hankering for more dice. I don’t really need them. I just wanted some frosted dice. Let the game playing begin! Bah… I have to wait until my semester ends.


I asked myself if I needed yet another Robocop action figure and the answer was a resounding yes. This Robocop from NECA is the first Robocop to feature a spring loaded holster in his leg. I opened him up (sorry no picture) and I’m very happy. He doesn’t have as man points of articulation and I’d like, yet there are enough to do the job. The spring loaded holster is pretty sweet. I did snap off one of the pieces on accident, but after a little fiddling around I got it back on. I can’t figure out how to get the gun back in there. I have the feeling that once I do it won’t ever be a problem again. Great figure, great sculpting.


Even though I’m one of the few people on Earth that loves The Shadow film from the 1990s, I didn’t like the toys at the time. Now I’m more nostalgic, so I’m more on the look out for them. They had a few of the figures carded, but not a regular Shadow so I passed. This motorcycle is cool though, with it’s modern meets 1930s looks.


I picked up these Batman: The Animated series die cast figures of Batman and Catwoman up simply because my girlfriend loves Batman: The Animated Series, so they are a gift. A totally rad gift from the coolest dewd ever! *electric guitar solo*


This cat lives at Lost World of Wonders. Totally non-plussed by dozens of people. The cat is awesome, unless I supposed if you’re super allergic to cats. Then it’s probably far from awesome.


Not far from Lost World of Wonders is a Toys R Us that makes me think of Toys R Us of long ago. While the aisles aren’t nearly as long an as unending as old school Toys R Us stores, it certainly looks and feel a lot more old school than the modern version of the store.


I found these two Star Wars deleted scene figures at the Toys R Us. I mostly picked them up because I hadn’t seen them before and I love A. Random Rebel Pilots and B. The crew of dudes who worked in the back of the Millennium Falcon during the attack on the Death Star II. So all in all this was a great find for me.

  • Fisty

    I don’t even remember a crew working on the Falcon really.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Back in my idealistic days, I wanted to start up a comic shop & have a cat mascot too. And if he died, I’d have him stuffed & on displayed. He’d have his pick of the week comic with him.

  • Lamar, that’s awesome.

    Fisty, it’s in the Deleted Scenes on the Blue Ray. There’s like 3 or 4 dudes that run around in the Falcon. Two of them manning the guns. One of them looks like a soap opera star from the 80s. He’s dreamy.

  • Nice haul! Love the cat, too! I meant to get out for Free Comic Book Day, but didn’t:( Next year!

  • Tom

    I too am one of the few Shadow fans, I had a pretty boss costume back in the day even, I have a bunch of the figures but never got any of the vehicles. Nice haul!

  • Weird, I thought those figures were WalMart exclusive…or somewhere other than TRU exclusive anyway.

  • Thanks dudes!

    Tom, a Shadow costume?!!

    Dex, you might be thinking of the Phantom Menace figures that were walmart exclusives?

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