Toy Hunt: Flea Market Style


I recently had a chance to check out a flea market called Maxwell Street Days in Cederburg, Wisconsin. There was a whole lot of stuff that I wanted (and a lot I didn’t), but I started to get the pre-buyers remorse. I ended up walking away with only a few items, but I believe it is quality over quantity. Check it out!


There was a much larger stuffed Alf that I wanted, but I ended up getting this hand puppet Alf instead. I figure it’s a little more useful to have a puppet that can entertain my friends. Or annoy them. Probably annoy them.


One of my favorite toy lines that I don’t have much of is the DC Comics Super Powers line from the 1980s. I plan to change that with my first purchase of a Super Powers Batmobile. It’s in okay shape and it’s missing some stuff. The good news is that there’s a penny stuck in the side. Looks like I came out ahead on that one!


How could you not love this record? It’s perhaps the most perfect thing to ever be created. It’s recorded stories of some of your favorite superheroes on Christmas! The thing is still sort of sealed, but I might tear off the rest of the plastic wrapper so it displays better. I just need a frame now because this sucker is going up on my wall. Who wouldn’t be proud to display an amazing work of art such as this? I realize it’s a little hipster-like, but I’ve liked terrible nerd shit before hipsters were a cliche.

  • Ryan Thompson

    Dude I thought you found a working Teddy Ruxpin. I almost shit.

    The record is cool, you dirty hipster.

  • That Batmobile is pretty nice. I called it on twitter: the cockpit domes tend to be the parts commonly missing on that toy. Luckily, you’re only missing the front domes, which are somewhat awkward to begin with. It certainly looks like you’ve got one in good condition. I’m always on the hunt for Super Powers, so I’m totally jealous of this find!

  • Nice finds! Batman with a santa beard? No way you leave that record behind.

  • How many hours of play time have you put in on the Batmobile? Has it done any sick jumps yet?

  • That batmobile is fantastic, but I just happen to love anything to do with batmobiles.
    I remember those Alf puppets very well, in fact I still have mine in storage. They came from Burger King, and there were several different themed Alfs. My brother, sister and I each got to choose one. My sister had the rocker Alf which you have, mine was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and I can’t remember which one my brother got.

  • I totally had that Alf… prolly still got it somewhere too.