Toy Hunt: Flea Market 2015 Edition


I haven’t done a lot of garage sales this year, but I always hit up the Maxwell Street Days flea markets in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, it seems to be drying up as there aren’t as many vendors as their used to be. I can still find some decent stuff there and here we have with this edition of Toy Hunt!

1989 Batmobile Model


At 10 bucks it was just the right price where I didn’t bother looking it up to make sure I wasn’t getting hosed. This Batmobile model from the 1989 film wasn’t put together and has all the parts and instructions. Not sure if I’ll ever get around to putting it together, but at least I have the option now and the box is pretty sweet.

G.I. Joe Tiger Force Lunchbox


I picked this up for five bucks and it came with the thermos. It was in pretty okay shape. I figured it wasn’t too bad of a deal and I’ll end up using it for a dice rolling box.

Return of the Jedi Coloring Book


I know I paid too much for this thing for 5 bucks, but for some reason I had to have it. It’s from 1983 and none of the pages have been colored. I’m thinking about scanning it. Anyway, Luke on the Sail Barge was on pretty much every Return of The Jedi licensed book, wasn’t he?

Return of the Jedi Slave Leia Doll


I bought a princess doll. Actually, I purchased this Slave Leia doll more because of the R2-D2 that came with her. He’s pretty sweet and since I can’t afford the expensive Sideshow version this is the next best thing. I’ll probably end up trying to sell (or give away) the Princess Leia.

Sony Speakers


Not a toy, but I got these Sony speakers for my office TV (aka the 3D TV) and they’re pretty sweet for 25 bucks. Now I need to find a decent center channel…

  • Chris Piers

    You don’t mention how much you spent on the doll. Does that mean it was a lot?

  • 15 bucks.

  • montewilliams

    Damn, bro, that R2 looks pretty amazing!

    And you should keep the doll, too, in silent protest of that idiot dad whining about the Star Wars Black version.