Toy Hunt: Cobra Terrordrome


Talk about an epic Toy Hunt! It will be really hard to top this one. A few months ago I arranged a trade with the chap who runs Nerd Rage Toys (@nerdragetoys). He wanted some stuff of mine and said he’d swap me a Terrordrome. He had no pics of the Terrodrome though. I’ve purchased from him in the past and he’s done right by me, so I took a leap of faith.  I also normally hate trading, but this was too good of a possible offer to turn down.

When I got the Terrordrome in the mail, it was in this huge box and the pieces were immersed in packing peanuts (ugh) and all wrapped up nice in bubble wrap. I was in the process of moving, so it would have been foolhardy to try to assemble it… so I waited…


I finally moved in most of my stuff into my girlfriend’s house this last weekend, so I finally got to assemble this beast and see just what I had. But first, let me mention that I found a cool table to put it on at a local thrift shop and I painted it red. In the future me and the lady are going to put a lazy Susan on the top so that the Terrordrome can spin around.

Anyway, I put the Cobra Terrodrome together and I’m proud to say that it’s only missing caps to some small guns. One of the doors does have a broken tab thanks to the ludicrously fragile fold down door strut. It still stays in place though and I’m incredibly happy that only one of the 2 doors has a broken tab on the strut.

The Firebat launch thing is freaking awesome. I could play with it all day. If I was a kid I’m guessing I’d have ruined it by using it too much.


Destro hands off the deadly neurotoxin!

Once the thing was assembled I couldn’t help but make a dio. I didn’t do anything with the bottom half of the Terrordrome, because I don’t want to have to take it all down when we put in the lazy Susan. My dios story is that the Cobra leaders are handing off some horrible nerotoxin to a team just before a G.I. Joe team breaks up the party.


Technoviper keeps it safe with the power of cones!


Snake Eyes does the oldest trick in the book, the old “pull the guard over the side.”


Lady Jaye and Outback scale the Terrordrome!

Since my pictures suck, I will spare you a bunch of crappy pics of the bottom of the thing. Instead click play on the above video and you’ll get to see everything I have in full motion.

The only really disappointing thing about the Terrordrome is that most of the rooms are the same. Why is there 3 refueling stations? Couldn’t one of them been something else? It seems a bit lazy for such an elaborate set. Also, it’s strange that they didn’t even bother putting a ladder or stairs going from the top of the Terrordrome to the lower levels. I’m almost tempted to cut a hole in the top to take care of that.

Overall, the Cobra Terrordrome is a great playset. I love how much space there is on top for dios. It’s like the Tactical Battle Platform, but bigger. Glad I did the trade and finally got this bad boy.

  • Congratz, man! Epic is indeed the right word for that pick-up. It looks gorgeous. The modern scale figures look pretty great in it too! Still hope to pick up one of these eventually. The one I had as a kid was beat to hell and back, but I still wish I kept it.

  • montewilliams

    It was reckless and irresponsible of you to do this; I already hate you for owning the Hot Toys Batman, and now this!

  • RobotsPJs

    Sorry bro. You’re welcome to come over any time and take pics of it!

  • montewilliams

    Holy crap, I just noticed: you have the Defiant, too?!?!

  • RobotsPJs

    …yes. Well, most of one. It needs some parts. The thing has been a monkey on my back money pit. The few parts I need have been really hard to find. I’m more angry at it now than anything else.

  • Jedi Ninja 007

    Here are a few of my babies.