Toy Hunt: c2e2 2017 Edition

Vincent   May 1, 2017   Comments Off on Toy Hunt: c2e2 2017 Edition

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Fellow pop culture enthusiasts, it’s time to go on another Toy Hunt! This time I did my hunting at the 2017 c2e2 comic convention and came back with some pretty cool stuff. You like looking at nerd stuff, so here you go!


My first purchase was pretty much right after I walked into the con. Bandai had a booth and since I got into Gundam in the last year or so I went right on in. This guy is pretty big. Not the largest Gundam kits they make, but larger than any I’ve ever purchased before. The price seemed pretty fair to me (44 bucks) so I bought it and was stuck hauling around a bag with this guy in it for the rest of the day.


This one dude had a bunch of license plates from various TV shows and movies. It was tough picking only one. I settled on the Out a Time one from Back to the Future. It’s really tempting to put this on my car.


The license plate dude also had magnets. Obviously they’re those kinds of things you find at a con where someone just made their own stuff violating copyrights left and right.


Let’s take a step back in time for a moment, my first c2e2 Hunt item was purchased even before we got to c2e2! We stopped in a truck stop and I found this bad boy. It’s an audio drama of the classic comic story X-Men Days of Future Past. Man, I hope it’s good. I love radio drama and I love comics.


The trend of blind boxed idiocy at cons continues. My girlfriend really wanted a Mario Bros coin box, but she didn’t want to pay for a box of junk she didn’t want. On Sunday tucked away between two booths was a pile of garbage including this little box. I said, “Hey, you wanted one of those things just take it.” After making sure that the pile really was garbage she took the empty box. Score one for us!


As a collector of pop culture ephemera I couldn’t turn away the chance for more buttons. Most of the buttons you see in the picture are new. Not sure where I’m going to put the giant ass Batman button. The other button I thought was really cool is the one from Sunsoft that looks like it was part of some old video game convention. Seemed like something that would be pretty rare.


I stopped by the Man or Monster Studios booth because I know a few of the people that were at that booth (including the Battle Babies folks). Anyway, I picked up some Warlords of Wor mini comics. They’re great. They’re like modern He-Man mini comics.


There was a booth handing out Voltron “masks”. This is one of those things where I’ll take it and then later on find it in a closet and throw out.


The next day we were at c2e2 I couldn’t resist the lure of the Bandai booth again. They had all these cool Star Wars models for what seemed like pretty decent prices, plus most of them got marked down three bucks so they wouldn’t have to pack up the remaining stock. I bit and got an A-Wing and…


…I got an AT-AT. Without really knowing the build quality and due to me draining my funds I cut myself off at two Star Wars models from Bandai. I’ll post a review of one of these when I have one built.