Toy Hunt: Barriss Offee



For today’s Toy Hunt I’d like to focus on a recent Star Wars purchase. I’ve tried to back away from buying new Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures, but this was a needed exception. One of the background Jedi characters that I’ve latched onto is Barriss Offee. Why? She’s a hot Indian Jedi chick. So I like hot Indian chicks. Sue me.

Her first 3-3/4th figure and the only one we had for years was a real disaster. It was made in the brief period when some of the figures had set poses and not much articulation, much like McFarlane figures. In Barriss Offee’s case, her plastic capes were flowing, she was in some crazy battle pose, and her face contorted in a scream. This version, on the other hand, is much more neutral and better reflects the few times she’s depicted in Star Wars media, more calm and serine. And yes super geeks, they did make an animated figure of her, but I don’t care about those. The “realistic” ones are the figures I collect.


They use a combination of “soft goods” and plastic to form her robes. I’m a fan of cloth capes on certain figures for 3-3/4th scale, for example a soft goods cape on Darth Vader is always better than a plastic one. I realize that soft goods have an enormous limitation, but in the world of Star Wars toys they generally work more than not (Except for a full on cloth Jedi robe. Those suck.) The plastic part of her cape and hood does limit her posability, but she looks much better than her original figure and it looks much better than if she had a cloth hood.

As for accessories, she only gets a couple. Bariss comes with an “ignited” lightsaber and a non-ignited saber. The non-ignited saber plugs into her waist. It’s kind of a shame that us toy collectors will pay for so few accessories when G.I. Joes are usually a dollar or two less, come with tons of guns, pack packs, and a stand.

The only true complaint I can come up with this figure is that it’s a bit difficult to get her saber in her tiny hands. Other than that, she’s pretty sweet.

Score: 4 out of 5 R2-D2 whistles

  • G.I. Joes are cheaper and come with so many accessories because Hasbro owns the property. For Star Wars that part of the budget all goes to Lucas.

  • I know that’s a big part of it, but there’s the fact that past figures have come with BAF parts and figures stands, or little holographic representations of figures, or a die for some game, or a commtech chip, etc. The vintage line has a premium tacked onto it for the pleasure of buying a vintage style figure. A little plastic stand wouldn’t kill them.

  • Great review for a very cool fig!