Toy Hunt! A Big Find and some Antique Store Craziness

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Stuff I Bought

First up, the big find. So when I was at the antiques store I spotted this Star Wars 1982 Kenner Micro Collection Millennium Falcon for 25 bucks. I looked up Kenner Micro Collection Millennium Falcons and eBay said they were 25 bucks (ish), so since it was cool looking and a great price I bit and got it.


Well when I got home I double checked eBay because while this Falcon has most of it’s pieces, it’s missing the landing ramp and I want to get a spare one if possible. Well low and behold it turns out that this Falcon is worth more than the one I looked up. The one I saw the price for was a small die cast one. This is a much larger play set type thing.

M Falcon Micro Collection

Looks like this thing is in the hundreds range and not in the 25 buck range. Score! Okay enough bragging.


My girlfriend bought me this TIE Fighter that had a TIE pilot in it. It’s rad. It’s only missing it’s stickers from the wings, which I was able to order some repro ones on eBay. They’re on their way, so hopefully they’re good.


I picked this up at a flea market. It wasn’t “new and unopened” but rather opened and assembled, but still in really great shape. I have a bit of an emotional connection to the Skyhawk. I remember my mom buying me one, then bringing it home, then getting into a wrestling match with my sister and accidentally crushing it on the same day that I got it. So now I own like 4 of these things, though this is the first boxed one that I’ve gotten.

Other Stuff I Saw


The AT-ST and X-Wing I left behind and I really regret not getting the X-Wing now. This antique store is too far away for me to make a quick trip back. I’ll have to cross my fingers and hope it’s still there when I pass by again. Sigh.


This antique store had some Star Wars figures that were in pretty great condition. I picked up the Gonk for my lady, cuz the ladies love dat Gonk.


This is one of the most 90s phones ever. I had a version of this phone. I love clear cased electronics. I wish they’d go back to making stuff like this.


I had already spent too much to think about being tempted by this guy, but as far as carded Masters of the Universe figures go, he’s a pretty solid choice in my book.


This was a nice collection of NES games, a NES system, and a copy of Nintendo Power. However, I wasn’t biting at 200 bucks.


I didn’t realize that Tupperware tried to pass off miniature versions of it’s stuff as toys. That is one boring as crap packaging.


Toby here appears friendly, but that sword tells me a different story.


I feel like this Smurf ride on toy may have twisted some kids into being complete weirdos.


This signed Hanna Montana poster/cd thing sure was tempting, but ultimately I had to pass.


I forgot that the “Jedi Braid” toy from Phantom Menace existed. This is prehaps the worst Star Wars toy ever put out by Hasbro.


I really dig this Superboy board game art. I love that Krypto makes an appearance. I find it interesting that Superboy was popular enough to get his own board game when he wasn’t in anything outside of the comics.


It’s kind of shocking to see a lunchbox with it’s tags still attached, especially in that good of condition. If this would have been a Star Wars, G.I. Joe, or Transformers lunch box I’d have been all over it.


I feel like Mork and Mindy more than likely has reached total cultural irrelevance by now, right?


Nightmare on Elm Street has a surprisingly large amount of kid friendly toys.


Every dad in the 80s, “More like Girl George, right?”


This Skipper from Gilligan’s Island toy has reached peak uncanny valley and it horrifies me.


That Popeye managed to sneak onto this “girl’s toys” shelf…


Describe yourself using only M&M cartoon characters.


Seriously, if we had room in our kitchen I would have totally purchased this 3 milkshake at a time milkshake machine. It’s a work of pure art.

  • Envious of your flea market selection, nice find on the MM Falcon! Just got rid of my MM Death Star which I am starting regret.

  • Cool and Collected

    Wow, that place had the goods! Wish we had stores like that around here. I love that Superbly boardgame! And nice pickup with that Skyhawk — also one of my favorites.