Toy Ads that Time Forgot: Pie Face!

The following article previously appeared on my defunct toy blog:


Out of all the stupid toy ads and on all of the internets this has to be the dumbest. This ad for Pie Face is astoundingly bad:

What’s more fun than getting the pie in the face? Aside from the obvious answer (everything), one could say… uh… you know there are no redeeming qualities to the Pie Face toy. This disturbing thing doesn’t even really qualify as a toy or game. It’s just this machine that smashes a gross sponge full of water or Reddi-whip in your face. That’s not a toy in my book. That’s a memory of a long weekend that I’ve been trying to suppress for over twenty years.

The commercial reaches a whole other level of ridiculous with the whole “goop in your face” stuff. Despite my gutter mind I find it almost impossible to make any kind of sex jokes because I’m so blown away by the horror that is Pie Face.

It also astounds me that I’ve come across something that’s even worse than the Swing Wing. That’s quite an achievement.

  • Emma

    Awww, I remember reading this on the old blog!

    This thing really is…uh…even the name is baaad. But funny!

  • Thank yo so much for providing entertaining yet informative content.

  • What a piece of shit.

    Hey, that gives me an idea…

  • Chad B

    Ha, spam from a jewelry store. How weird. At least it was complimentary!

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