Top Ten Videos of People Freaking Out After Opening New Toys


A couple of weeks ago a fan of Magic: The Gathering unboxed an unopened starter deck from back in the day and 8 minutes in he comes across a card that sells to collectors for thousands of dollars. He freaks out. A little. Enough to make several news sites. But I think we can do better. Here’s that video, then read on to see our Top Ten Freakouts.

10. Kid Opens Pokemon Cards

This kid loses his mind. The Nirvana music added to the video is a big enhancement.

9. A Sega Genesis!

This video starts slow with Christmas sweaters and then goes nuclear for the Genesis.

8. That’s… an iPhone 5c!

These pre-teen girls really love that phone (that’s already outdated).

7. It’s actually a PS4

They thought it was clothes so the reaction is pretty great.

6. Toy Guitar Equals Mass Hysteria

What would’ve happened if they gave her a real guitar?

5. Crystal Pepsi

A mouthful of regret.

4. Not the GTA V Game

This kid is not a good friend.

3. Kid Gets Coal

The parents try to do a prank by giving the kid coal as a present on Christmas. He responds by destroying everything in sight.

2. Teen Gets a Laptop

This girl seems way too old to be losing her shit like this. I can’t even tell what it is. A Macbook? A picture frame? Whatever it is, she screams bloody murder but I think because she’s happy? So confusing.

1. Kids Get an N64

This kid freaks out so hard his sister is just trying to play catch up the whole time.

  • #4 feels fake.

  • Skewed_View

    I thought I’d find most of these cute and funny, but instead found myself becoming increasingly annoyed. Get your priorities straight, kids!