Top Ten Robocop Videos of Robocop Doing Non-Robocop Things

Chris Piers   February 24, 2014   Comments Off on Top Ten Robocop Videos of Robocop Doing Non-Robocop Things


The original Robocop suit is iconic. It’s no surprise that people want to use it to highlight their brand. But here’s the thing: Robocop is a cop. He isn’t a used car salesman or a professional MMA fighter. So inevitably, when you put this slow-moving tank into a non-Robocop movie, it doesn’t go well. Here’s some of our favorite misfires.

#10 Robocop fights in WCW wrestling.

I don’t think Sting needed the help, honestly.

#9 Robocop fights in some minor league wrestling promotion

The only thing more embarrassing than #10 is that he then went to some minor league promotion that maybe had 10 fans in the audience.

#8 Robocop moves his slowest yet in ANOTHER minor league wrestling promotion

Come ON, Robocop. Stop wrestling.

#7 Robocop sells Sony VHS player

I was curious where that extra-marital affair subplot was going.

#6 Robocop kills cockroaches

(At 1:13) Surely the money spent building Robocop has better uses than this. Also? Looking a little pudgy.

#5 Robocop shoots energy bolts at televisons

I don’t remember that ability in the films.

#4 Robocop invades a home to steal fried chicken and their refrigerator

It also uses music from Back to the Future 3. Not the only time Robocop shows up to Back in the Future music. Take a look at the next one.

#3 Robocop sells noodles

At least he isn’t stealing them, but what’s up with the train of Robocops?

#2 Robocop hires extras for Robocop 3

Don’t make the movie if the star has to drive around hiring people to work on his film.

#1 Robocop teams up with Doctor Doom to fight the Marvel superheroes

When you pop up just to help the worst villain in the world, you are a bad cop.