Top 10 Video Games in 2016

Guest Poster   January 5, 2017   Comments Off on Top 10 Video Games in 2016

2016 was a great year for games. So many that there are at least a dozen critically acclaimed titles that I still haven’t even touched. But here are 10 that I did, and loved:

10. Pokémon Go

pokemon go

You all played it. Every. Single. One of you. That means something.

9. Stellaris


What if you put Crusader Kings II in space with aliens? You’ve just made a game only for me.

8. Darkest Dungeon


I enjoy the aesthetic of Darkest Dungeon a lot. I need to play more.

7. Battlefield 1


Pew pew. Boom.

6. The Witness


The only thing holding back the incredible nature of The Witness is its own pretentiousness, especially with the end. It’s Jonathan Blow, so what are you gonna do?

5. Hitman


Nothing better than throwing screwdrivers at people while dressed as Santa or a vampire or…

4. Overwatch


Best multiplayer game. I wish they put more character development/work into the actual game, instead of supplimentary videos and comics.

3. Stardew Valley


By far the most impressive game on this list. Made by 1 person, and it got me into it for at least 70 hours.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


The only thing I’d change about Uncharted 4 is this weird new thing games are doing where they have opening credits for only a dozen or so people. This game was NOT made by a dozen people. And it shows. It’s a technical marvel. And I love the story.

1. Titanfall 2


Best single player. I’d say best multiplayer, but Overwatch barely inches it out simply because of its expansive userbase and matchmaking. But for real though. Titanfall 2 has the best FPS campaign in years. It looks good, plays good, and feels good. It’s everything you want in a mech power fantasy. I almost platinum’d it, but there’s no way I’m ever going to do the gauntlet trophy.

Chuck Knigge is an artist and game designer. He’s been in the games industry nearly 10 years, working on titles, such as Guild Wars 2 and the inFAMOUS series. His website is