Top 10 Sci-Fi Scenes Ruined by Bad Extras

An extra throws a dog in the ocean in this Mr. Nanny scene

An extra throws a dog in the ocean in this Mr. Nanny scene

Extras make tv shows and movies better and get no thanks for doing it. Their job is to be part of a living set. They make the environment feel real but if they’re doing their job well, they don’t draw any attention to themselves. If they do a poor job, you notice them and it can ruin your suspension of disbelief. Here are ten scenes that were potentially ruined by an extra doing a bad job. If you haven’t noticed them before, I apologize. You’ll never NOT notice it again.

10. One Clumsy Robot

Before David Prowse played the body of Darth Vader, he played a robot on The Tomorrow People. It was a BBC show before the failed CW reboot earlier this year. Anyway, he smashes his head pretty good in this scene and seems to be waiting for the director to call cut. But this show was too low-budget to bother with more takes so they just keep going!

9. One Forceful Kick


In Return of the Jedi, Luke kicks at a guard and obviously doesn’t connect. That guy doesn’t want to risk getting too close but he makes up for it by throwing his gun in the air. Terrible.

8. Batman Scares a Thug Away


During this fight scene from Dark Knight Rises, Batman doesn’t even come close to throwing a punch at the criminal on the left-hand side. I guess he just didn’t want to get his face broken and gave up.

7. Janitor of Nothing


Apparently that janitor is so awestruck by James Bond that he doesn’t realize that he’s been sweeping air for the last few minutes.

6. Data the Copycat


Here’s an extra throwing a fist pump just before Data throws a fist pump. An embarrassing scene either way, but it still dilutes the impact.

5. Claws In, You Cat


While Bond and Blofeld yammer on about destroying the world or saving it, Blofeld’s cat wants to get OUT of this scene.

4. Only the Best for Starfleet


What convoluted backstory did this extra create to justify what he’s doing? “I have to rearrange this painting or the psychic aliens will blow up the Enterprise!”

3. Teen Wolf Pervert

Hooray! Scott McCall won the big basketball game without using his Teen Wolf powers! The school goes wild, cheering him on. And one guy in the bleachers begins removing his pants?

2. Back to the Future Pervert

Poor Michael J. Fox. What’s with the pants problems in his movies. At the end of Back to the Future III, Doc shows up with some kids. And one of them motions you to look and then points at his penis. In reality, the kid was trying to get an adult’s attention because he needed to go to the bathroom. But during filming, no one noticed so the best take features a kid acting like a pervert.

1. Star Wars Klutz

I saw Star Wars dozens of times before I ever noticed this and now that I know about it I can’t imagine HOW I missed it. Except there was no Internet back then so you discovered stuff for yourself. One Stormtrooper is too tall for the set and bangs his head pretty seriously on the door frame. It always cracks me up and I prefer to think they do this stuff all the time and concussions are the main reason they can never seem to hit the heroes when they shoot at them.