Top 10 Posts on The Robot’s Pajamas for 2015


Every year our site grows a little bit more. We get a few more regular followers. It’s nice because none of us get paid to do this. We donate our time because we enjoy writing about niche and pop-culture interests. Some of the articles get picked up on something like reddit or get shared on social media and it gives us a boost, temporarily. Here are the top 10 most viewed articles we posted in 2015.

10. Realistic Star Wars: Obi-Wan’s Questionable Judgement

Obi Wan gives Luke a lightsaber and Luke instantly plays around with it

Just cracked our list but it’s also one of our newer semi-regular features. A collaboration between Chris (art, sometimes the idea), Phil (colors) and often Vincent (idea).

9. Rev. Ron’s Bite Size Review: “Kingsmen: The Secret Service”


Ron busts his butt giving us reviews of movies for all sorts of things. New, old, and mini-reviews of everything about to hit Netflix for that month.

8. Flash Season 1 Finale Paradoxes Examined: A Deep Dive

Two Flashes from Out of Time

Pete began giving us some articles in 2015 including this one about the time travel paradoxes created within The Flash. This one got a bunch of traction on Facebook and some other social media. It really captured fans of the show’s imaginations.

7. Where have all the Rangers Gone: 10 Power Rangers with the Strongest Post-PR Careers

Every Power Ranger ever

Yet another guest article! This time by our pal Will West who runs his own pop culture site. In this one, Will gave us the top 10 most successful actors to have come from the last 22 years of Power Rangers.

6. Ranking the Transformers from the Live Action Films


Movie version Optimus Prime.

One of many weird top 10 lists that hit me randomly and tickle my whimsy. Don’t know why it would end up being popular, compared to the many reviews and articles we create, but it was.

5. 11 Best Bioware Characters


Site guest poster Andy’s article on his favorite creations from video game maker Bioware.

4. Star Trek Problems: 9/11

Star Trek Problems 71

A semi-regular comic strip. What’s fun about these is that any time someone clicks on a new one, they go through our archives and read a ton of older ones.

3. The Politics of The Force Awakens Explained!


Vincent only posted this very recently but it exploded. That’s the power of Star Wars’ popularity.

2. U.S. Theme Parks with the Most Deaths

big bad wolf roller coaster

Morbid as hell, I know. One of those weird list ideas I had that got shared on reddit so it was huge.

1.  The Worst Sci-Fi TV Finales

star trek enterprise finale

Season finales are definitely the ideal time to make the episode all about a character from a show that ended 11 years ago.

Not only did this get shared and commented on the most, it ended up being controversial. Hey, it’s just one person’s opinion. Many agreements but a few arguments. It was a fun time.