Thundercats are Loose

Vincent   December 23, 2008   1 Comment on Thundercats are Loose

thundercats-liveaction trailer

If you’re a true child or the ’80s, then the following fake trailer for a live action Thundercats movie is sure to give you super eye boners.

This clip has been pretty much been posted on every corner of the internet in the last week, so I figure why the hell not put it here? Besides, it’s really good considering it’s just a mash up of ton of different flicks.

The sad part is that even if Hell were to freeze over and a live action Thundercats film was ever produced, it would never be this exciting or look this good. It would sure to have all kinds of changes that would divide the geek communities asunder like taking place on modern day Earth. Worst of all, it most likely would have some really bad pee jokes and a human thrown in to “identify” with. Such is the way of all nerdy adaptations. As it was and always will be, Amen.

  • Esbat

    Totally scored eyeboners… man now I gotta go find me some farscape.