Thor: The Dark World (3D Blu Ray Review)


After seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier a few weeks ago I was all pumped up again for superhero films staring Marvel characters. I watched The Avengers again (3D review coming soon, I hope) and I picked up a copy of Thor: The Dark World aka Thor 2.  I must admit, I knew nothing about Thor: The Dark World before watching it. I hadn’t even watched the trailer. I just… didn’t care. I know! I run the world’s coolest geek site and here I was not even in the know on a Marvel movie! Well, thems the breaks and here’s my review.

Oh, and spoilers everywhere.


The Movie: In Thor: The Dark World Thor and his pals are fighting monsters in the different realms to keep peace. Apparently after The Avengers random armored guys and monsters started going nuts and it’s up to Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and crew to dispense some justice.  And while Thor is supposed to be happy because he’s got all these battles and such, he’s a big old mopey mess because his heart is back on Earth with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). The problem with this is I’m not very invested in the “Thor is lonely” story at all. I’ve never really liked him in the comics. I respect him, but I just can’t get into all this hubbub about other realms, giants, rainbow bridges, and what not. Also during this portion of the film there’s a gratuitous topless scene that doesn’t involve a lady, so that’s disappointing.


But before all that happens I must mention the back story. There were these dark elves that had a war with the Asgardians. They had some super goo that they were going to use to destroy the universe, but they couldn’t so some of them escaped. The Asgardians sealed the super goo away and that was that.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Jane is on a date with one of the dudes from the IT Crowd. She’s called away by her wacky friend because some mysteries start happening in an abandoned factory. I swear with the tone of the film being very silly, set in the UK, and the weird mystery thought that I was watching the start of a Dr. Who episode. And it’s at this point the movie broke my brain a bit. You see, Jane is sucked into where the ultimate evil goo is being kept and she gets possessed by it. What a coincidence that Thor’s girlfriend of all the people in the world would get possessed by the ultimate evil! I know, I know what you’re going to say. “But Vincent, science stuff led them to that place.” Yes, I can see that, but it’s pretty weak.


Anyway a bunch of stuff happens and it’s all a big blend of action scenes broken up with wacky comedy bits on Earth. I didn’t care about the head villain. I felt like he could have been anyone. He was just there. Also, there were some odd tonal shifts between the super serious A. story line and the wacky fun of the B. plot.

And I think I’m getting too sensitive in my old age. Stellan Skarsgård returns as Erik Selvig, the scientist that was in the first Thor and Avengers. In this film he’s mentally ill and it’s treated as a huge joke. Instead laughing at his affliction, it just made me uncomfortable.

And a side note: There seemed to be some sort of jealous love interest vibe coming from Sif. Come on already, the most powerful female superhero we’ve seen in the Marvel films doesn’t have to be brought down to being love sick for a hunky dude.


There are some bright spots in the movie, particularly any time Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is on the screen. The big action scenes are rather well done an are exciting, though by the end of the film I felt a bit worn out.

The ending of the film also left me a bit cold. Loki is now the King of Asgard. Damn it! I get to the end of Dark World to see the start of another film I’d rather watch!

I have to make note about the Mid Credits scene. It had to be the worst I’ve seen so far. I felt I was transported into some of the worst elements of the TV series Farscape. Everything felt so out of place and cheap. I did some reading and it looks like The Collector is a major player in Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh boy.

Side Note: I can see why Thor wouldn’t have shown up for The Winter Soldier if he had his own thing going on in the UK… but seriously what was Hydra’s plan if they were successful and he watched CNN?

The 3D: Thor: The Dark World features post conversion 3D like all the other Marvel films. It was some average 3D. Really only worth it if you’re starving for more 3D.

The Final Judgement: The first Thor movie got by on a lot of charm from the fish out of water bits with Thor on Earth and the greatness of Loki as the big bad. The Dark Word follows up with less of everything that made the first movie entertaining by becoming a blur of images and noise.

  • Chris Piers

    I liked this movie a lot.

  • Skewed_View

    I liked this movie a lot more than the first. The thing that really bugs me is the complete lack of chemistry between Thor and Jane. She obviously is only attracted to his hot bod, but doesn’t want a meaningful deep releationship; and I think he sees her mostly like a pet. A pet he doesn’t want to lose, but a pet nonetheless and not a girlfriend.