Thomas the Destroyer of Worlds


There are some people who would like to think that if Thomas the Tank Engine were combined with Voltron that he’d be the protector of the universe. I’d like to think that he’d be the most evil thing since Gozar the Gozerian if given the chance and I don’t think he’d be adverse to petting puppies backwards. There’s something shifty about him, like he’s always got something going on in the back of his mind. Kind of like a carny, actually.

Thanks to: Geekologie

  • Emma

    Haaa! This cracked me up. :)

  • Chad B.

    Wow, I would’ve totally been into Thomas toys if they were more like this.

  • LOL

    Just hope my son doesn’t see that.

  • Mark @ Kids Spiderman Costumes

    hahaha – thats a different spin on the Thomas I knew 30 years back….!