Things I Hate About Halo Reach

Vincent   May 17, 2010   Comments Off on Things I Hate About Halo Reach


After spending a little more time since my last look at Halo Reach, I have indeed discovered more items to add to the dislike pile. I also have a few things that I like, but I figured this headline was a bit more attention grabbing.


Tea Bagging: Seriously, this is so old. I don’t mind a little tea bagging when it’s appropriate, but usually I’m bagged when there really isn’t a lot of skill involved with my death. People, you only look retarded when you tea bag someone after ganging up on them or when their friend shoots the guy in the back and you’re doing the bagging. It wasn’t a fair fight, so you don’t have that much to celebrate.

Jumping: I hadn’t run into the idiotic jumpers that are found in the original Halo games until the other day. I don’t know what could have been done to stop these idiot morons from jumping while your shooting at them, but it’s a sure fire way to piss me off. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a valid strategy, i guess, but it’s ultra annoying.

Stats: This one probably isn’t exactly fair, since the full game isn’t available, but I’m really hoping that there are deeper stats available for your character like an overall K/D ratio, overall accuracy, etc. You know, stats like those available on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

People Who Don’t Communicate: Man, this one is going to be rough when the full game comes out. With a game where team play is crucial you’ll never win if you don’t talk to your team.

People Who Drop Out: I realize that a lot of drops are probably due to network issues, but sometimes it feels like people are quitting when they lose. I don’t understand this. You get bonus points for sticking in there. Stay just to get better armor. Losers.

The Game Isn’t Out Yet: This is annoying. Why isn’t the game out? I want to play on the rest of the maps.


Network Test 1: I’m not sure what the real name for this mode is, but it’s fun. 3 Spartans take on 3 Elites. The Spartans defend these power barrel things and the Elites must destroy them. It’s a blast when you have three friends working together to either defend or destroy.

The Sword Nerf: The sword was an awesome weapon, but in an objective based game like this, it is good that it’s not the all powerful weapon it once was. Vincent Pro Tip: If someone is coming at you with a sword, try to melee them. It can stop them right in their tracks.

*Note: The Halo Reach image obviously comes from IGN. Visit them.