The Worst Transformers Names

transformers policeman pete

I love Transformers. At its best, it gives you not just two forms to play with but a fun puzzle in between. That said, sometimes the toymakers phoned in some of their names. And I’m not talking about something like Optimus Prime or Megatron that are basically made-up names. That’s fine. It sounds cool. I’m talking about names like Vroom. Can you imagine anyone actually giving him an order? “Vroom, I want you to transform and roll out.” It sounds ridiculous. Or a name that has an easily assumed second meaning. “Wideload… you’re fat.” Here are some of the least creative names for Generation 1 toys only. Several images are sourced from


transformers alan

Alan! Obviously they’d run out of names at this point.


transformers banzaitron

Banzai-Tron? That’s beyond made up. Just take off the “Tron” please.

Big Daddy

transformers big daddy

Yeah, I’m not comfortable calling you that.

Blaze Master

transformers blaze master

I’m sure he’s always high and it has nothing to do with his helicopter mode.


transformers carnivac

What’s a Carnivac? That’s… so close to a word.


transformers catilla

Apparently the good guy opposite for Carnivac. Both sides gave up on names.


transformers clench

And release.


transformers discharge


Drill Nuts

transformers drill nuts

I surrender! I surrender!


transformers flamefeather

One cool word plus one random noun equals one dumb name.


transformers flareup

Time to see Ratchet if you’re having a flareup, not name yourself after your problems.

Gas Skunk

transformers gas skunk

Why not just call him Farts and be done with it?


transformers grommet

It’s the word for the little ring that goes in the hole in thin material like a sail or laces. Why is a tank named Grommet?


transformers huffer

We can all guess what this guy’s doing in the shed out back.


transformers joe

Just… Joe. No imagination.


transformers leaf

Not gonna intimidate anyone with that name.


transformers loafer

A Japan-only exclusive Headmaster head. Did they know they basically named him “Lazy”?


transformers nightbeat

Keep that to yourself in your private time.


transformers powerhug

You are a creepy Transformer, Powerhug.


transformers rodney

That’s the name of a spoiled rich kid, not a robot warrior.


transformers roughstuff

Ew. No.


transformers vroom

They named him after a sound effect and couldn’t use “Boom” or something like that?


transformers wideload

Just seems mean.


  • Big Jim

    People got paid for naming those; that was their job. Either it was only a small part of their job, and a low, very low, priority task at that. or it is a perfect example of the perils of nepotism.