The Worst Halloween Costumes of 2016: Part 2

Vincent   October 27, 2016   Comments Off on The Worst Halloween Costumes of 2016: Part 2



Chris: Even if you know Clueless really well, you might not be able to guess who this is in a crowd. I mean, it’s been 20 years.

Vincent: You know only time will tell if these artifacts from the past will cash in on Millennial’s nostalgia bone or if they’ll just be written off as something that grandma was into.



Chris: This strikes me as a costume you could make for yourself if you really wanted to confuse your friends.

Vincent: Another 90s costume that would make me think, “Hey man, we get it. You can’t get out of the past. They’ve made funnier movies since then.”



Vincent: Ha ha. Oh sports.

Chris: This “costume” is made by fans every weekend with cardboard. It’s basically free. The fact that it’s for sale offends me.

Vincent: You realize without the fence he’s just a big D right? It could fit right into the “unfunny funny” costume category.

cock-out costume


Chris: Oh. I get it.

Vincent: I’d think there would be something that could get Rock across better, but I’m an old man that knows nothing about current pop culture. Is this supposed to be someone? Where am I?

hillbilly-skinsuit costume


Vincent: When you don’t want anyone to talk to you or interact with you on any level.

Chris: There are easier ways to scare people but I suppose this works.

lunch-lady costume


Chris: Do you have to carry around food that you drop on the floor to complete the costume?

Vincent: Of course! And you have to constantly remind people about that Lunch Lady song from when Adam Sandler was funny.

sexy-poop-emoji costume


Chris: It’s astounding at how popular emojis are. I mean, this is literally someone dressing up as feces because emojis are a thing.

Vincent: I’d say it’s because people are on the whole dumber, but there were pet rocks at one time.



Chris: Gross. Have some self respect.

Vincent: This is interesting in that it references an old ass song *and* completely humiliates everyone that comes into contact with the costume. Also, is this a reference to the diaper commercial where babies shit their diapers?

weed mask


Vincent: Don’t legalize it. Ever. Not after this.

Chris: Shouldn’t weed have a smile?

Vincent: Chris, There’s a million ways one could turn “weed” into a costume and this is probably the worst thing anyone could ever invent. I feel like it was invented by the government to scare kids away from drugs.

wanna-see-my-nuts costume


Chris: No. I don’t.

Vincent: No one does.



Vincent: I don’t know what’s happening here. Is this some sort of comment on the modern ideal of masculinity?

Chris: $45 for the little cloak and hat. The suit is not part of the costume. Insane.



Chris: I’ve said it before: a t-shirt is not a costume.

Vincent: I agree, though I have been known to were a shirt as part of lazy costume, but at least I have accessories to make it more of a real thing.

ninja-turtles-garbage costume


Chris: This is less a costume and more a bunch of crap that all has TMNT logos on it.

Vincent: It’s like someone barfed the franchise on this poor woman.

sexy-war-brat costume


Chris: Hmmm. I’m trying to figure this out. She’s going to war AND she’s a brat? Is that something that intimidates the enemy?

Vincent: Usually an Army/Navy/Etc Brat is a kid whose parents are in the military and are moved around a lot. However, I realize I’m reading too much into this. This is just a hot chick in a skimpy outfit that doesn’t have any idea how horrific war really is.

sexy-undecided-voter costume


Chris: Seriously? A Sexy Ken Bone costume? The only thing worse than meme costumes are the ones where you have to guess what it is like “Shrimp on the barbie” or whatever.

Vincent: I know too many Ken Bones in real life to find him even mildly amusing.



Chris: Ostensibly this is simply a mask of Bebop from Ninja Turtles. But it looks more like Died-Two-Weeks-Ago-Bebop. This is for kids?

Vincent: Kids love gross and creepy shit, but usually kids want to dress up like Turtles.

samurai knight costume

Vincent: This is what happens when schools focus only on U.S. history and glaze over everything else.

Chris: Poor little samurai gets no shoes.

Vincent: I think this is the least of his problems.