The Walking Dead Trailer

No doubt you’ve seen this by now, but here’s the trailer for The Walking Dead television series. It seems like the whole nerd community is on board for this one, because it looks so freaking sweet.  I really can’t imagine a way of this sucking, well unless Frankie D. changes the ending like they did to the The Mist. Argh! The only thing that bugs me the least little bit is the whole waking up in the hospital to the chaos has been pretty well played out at this point. Overall though, great stuff. It doesn’t even look like a TV series, more like an honest to goodness kick ass movie.

  • I particularly liked the use of “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore,” a dark folksy anthem perfectly suited to the material. I wonder if it’ll be the theme song?

  • Vincent

    Yeah, the music was fantastic.

  • The most pleasant surprise had to be Lennie James as Morgan. I loved him in Jericho, and knowing the Morgan’s character arc in the comic I’m hoping that we’ll get to see him past the pilot.