The Walking Dead: Horse Break


There’s no reason for me to post this photo of the horse from Walking Dead on break with Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) other than it’s awesome. I mean, it’s a horse taking a load off. How can you not love this image?

  • I really liked the first season of the show, and have been looking forward to season two. Last week I found out that my local library had The Walking Dead Books 1-6, so I decided to check them out. Once I started reading I couldn’t put them down. I would read them after I got in bed at night, and finished in five nights (so I didn’t get a lot of sleep last week).
    Now I’m really excited for season two, and although I think the books are definitely better, I don’t begrudge AMC for changing some aspects of the story, and understand why they did. Also, if they stuck just to the story from the books I probably wouldn’t deem the show necessary to watch.

  • But how do you feel about horses relaxing?

  • Horses are not meant to relax, they’re meant to work. Obviously, this horse belongs to a union.

  • Matt

    That stunt horse probably has a shattered pelvis and they’re just waiting for the PA to load his pistol.