The Voices Behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Were you curious who Kevin Smith voiced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Or who voiced the Stormtrooper that shouted “Traitor!” and attacked Finn? How about which popular voice actors from the show Star Wars: Rebels voiced characters in the movie? Actor Sam Witwer voiced a LOT of characters. Well, the supervising sound editor for the movie, Matthew Wood, recently wrote a blog post listing who voiced what throughout the movie.

One note before we begin: one Stormtrooper not listed here is the one who frees Rey from lockup on Starkiller Base. That’s because he didn’t just do the voice, he was in costume as well: it was Daniel Craig, who was filming the latest James Bond movie nearby. Once you know it’s him, it’s very obvious. But I didn’t recognize it the first time I saw the movie.

Sam Witwer is an actor from stuff like The Mist, Being Human, and even the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. He’s also a big Star Wars fan who played the character Starkiller in the two Force Unleashed video games and voices several characters on Clone Wars and Rebels. He provided the following voices:

Attack on Jakku Village:

Stormtroopers: “Blast that X-wing!”

Star Destroyer:

PA Announcer (at Poe’s arrival): “Accelerator thrust compensator on Shuttle 338.” “Transponder code ship ID.” “Quantum field regulator/interpolator 385B.”

Star Destroyer TIE Escape:

Officer on Poe’s TIE Radio: “Unauthorized TIE launch!!”

Maz Kanata’s Castle Attacked/Forest:

Stormtrooper (running from rock wall incoming fighters): “Go, go, go!”

Starkiller Base:

Stormtroopers (running as group before Finn sneaks in): “We think they may be splitting up.”

Kevin Smith is the director of Clerks and Dogma and Tusk, among other things. He does a ton of podcasts these days. And he plays Silent Bob. Oh, and he has that AMC show Comic Book Men. He has a single line in the movie.

Maz Kanata’s Castle Attacked/Forest:

Stormtrooper (reacts to incoming Resistance fighters): “We have incoming at 28.6! Move!”

David Acord is a sound editor at Skywalker Sound. He’s worked on Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith and the Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows, occasionally providing droid and alien voices. He voiced one of the most famous characters, the riot gear Stormtrooper who fights Finn.

Jakku Desert:

Teedo (Alien dialect during capture/release of BB-8, speaks with Rey)

Maz Kanata’s Castle Attacked/Forest:

Stormtrooper (fights Finn with riot baton): “Traitor!” (fight efforts)

You can read the full list which includes famous voice actors like Fred Tatasciore and many more from Star Wars: Rebels at the full blog post. Worth a read for fans!


  • Big Jim

    Sam Witwer was also Doomsday on Smallville (or at least, the guy who would turn into Doomsday)