The Venture Bros. Are Coming to You in Frozen Form


In some of the best collectible news ever, Sideshow Collectibles will be doing statues based on the greatest cartoon of all time, Venture Brothers. It’s about time that the Venture Brothers got some good merch. There have been some action figures, but they’re not so hot. The first two statues from Sideshow are shown above, Brock Sampson and Molotov Cocktease, probably two of the best choices for a debut.

While I collect toys, I’ve never really been into collecting statues. Sure, lots of them look cool, but they’re pricey. I’d rather get a bunch of figures twenty dollars and under as opposed to one statue that costs 200 bucks. Still… these are so sweet that they will be hard to pass up.

On a related note, there are a surprising amount of people I know that I know would love the Venture Bros., but have never seen the show. What’s the deal people? It’s the greatest thing since sliced ham. Do yourself a favor and watch the friggen thing.

Thanks to: Topless Robot

  • I’m one of those that have never seen the show, but I did add the DVDs to my Netflix queue. So hopefully some time soon, I can find some time to watch them.

    They have a photo gallery up:

    He looks awesome, but $250 is a lot for a statue.

  • I’m one of those people who has never really seen the Venture Bros. but am constantly told that I would love it. I’ve seen maybe two full episodes but it never really stuck with me. Perhaps I should give it another try. I used to hate the Aqua Teens and people I knew raved about it, but then I gave it a shot and it won me over.

  • I have seen this show. I enjoy it and hope every one will like it. Thanks for nice sharing in this post.