The Unintentionally Funniest Deaths in Video Games

spidey death

Whether it’s glitches, strange voice acting, or just a completely different tone there are some really, really funny deaths you can encounter or experience in video games. Below are our choices for the most unintentionally funniest deaths. If you think we missed a good one, let us know!

10. Resident Evil 4: Don’t Taunt the Monster

In Resident Evil 4, there’s a section where you carefully navigate a lake because there’s a giant monster underwater. Once you make it across, you can do one of two things: be thankful that you made it and continue with your mission or shoot at the lake, taunting the monster. If you do that, the reaction is pretty over the top.

9. Resident Evil 2: Eventually Things Go Wrong

Wesker is the bad guy behind things in Resident Evil 2. Towards the very end of the game, he unleashes a new and super-powerful monster. What’s great about this scene is how awkwardly paced it is. Between every line, when the characters move, the dialog just awkwardly pauses. And on top of that, people sort of move their head and line up with the direction they want to go before they can move forward. So when things go sideways for Wesker, instead of instantly reacting in terror, he sort of takes a moment. It’s great. An honorable mention goes to the original Resident Evil for the near-death of hero Jill Valentine, saved by her comrade Barry who has this delightfully awkward line.

8. Dead Space 2: Eye See What You Did There

This scene is brutal enough if you get it right. You have to make the eyes look directly at a laser so that a needle injects something properly into your eyeball. But if you screw up? It’s super over the top gory. And sudden. And kind of funny.

7. Dishonored: That’s What You Get For Peeing On a 70 Story Ledge

In Dishonored, there’s a part where you’re about 70 stories up in a tower. And you encounter a guard taking a piss off a ledge. I mean. What was he expecting?

6. Gears of War: Gun Jam

The point of this early cinematic is to teach you that in this game you need to hide behind cover frequently. But the poor rookie just sounds like a whiny twerp and gets brutally taken out. It’s such an extreme way to show you that you need to use cover.

5. Shadow of Mordor: Peeing Orc Equals Dead Orc

In the above video, skip to the last few seconds. Somewhere around 2:50 or so. Basically, in this game you can sneak up on an orc relieving himself and murder him. Spying on a peeing orc and slicing his throat? Just what J.R.R. Tolkein always wanted in his Lord of the Rings trilogy.

4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Giants LAUNCH You

Skyrim was a pretty awesome open-world RPG. But if you got hit by a giant, watch out. They sent you FLYING across the world. Gave you a nice view but was completely over the top. I heard it was a glitch that eventually got patched, but it used to happen and it’s terrific. Ragdoll physics of falling people is always entertaining.

3. Halo: When Teabagging Goes Awry

Look, one of the funnier things you can do in player vs. player matches in Halo is squat over your opponent’s dead body. This is affectionately known as teabagging. What’s funnier than that is when the teabagger gets blown away because he’s trying to act cool instead of watching his own back. This is instant karma at its finest. Happens all the time. Here’s one video showing multiple angles of one instance.

2. Madden ’12: Those EMTs are Psychopaths

What were they thinking? In 1992’s Madden ’12 your players could get injured. Fair enough. Then they have an animation of an actual ambulance driving onto the field to help them. Uh, what? But then, the ambulance would plow through other players sending them careening off-screen. These EMTs were drunk!

1. Spider-Man 3: Fire Escape Fail

This is my favorite. I always, ALWAYS at least smile and frequently laugh out loud. I come back to it again and again. Basically, Spidey is trying to rescue someone from a burning building and you have to execute a series of quick time events. But if he misses the last one, he face plants, the victim has a dead eyed stare, has a great line, and they all blow up. It’s just awesome.

  • Skewed_View

    The screen cap on the Spider-man fire escape video looks a lot like a big penis shooting fire. Tell me that’s not just me.

  • Big Jim

    It’s not just you