The Ultimate Pizza Burger


So… it looks like the greatest thing ever, a giant hamburger pizza beast, is available in Japan. Why don’t we have this here in the U.S.? The home of the KFC Double Down could certainly welcome and support this deadly hamburger. Come on, Burger King, let’s get our act together. Bring the NY Pizza to the U.S. FOR AMERICA!

Oh yeah, the thing is 2,530 calories. So tasty.

Thanks to: Super Punch

  • So wait, its not actually a pizza burger, its a giant burger cut up into 8 slices like a piza… nice. Speaking of pizza/burgers, Uno’s had a delicious cheeseburger pizza.

    I eat 2,530 calories for breakfast.

  • Ian

    It is available in the U.S. but only in NY at the “Whopper Bar”, Burger King’s high end establishment in Manhattan.