“The Twins” Are Nerdy 80’s Pin Up Dreams Come True

Star Wars Shop.com has some exclusive prints that are fantastically and geeky awesome:


The above print is entitled, “The Twins” and is by artist Craig Drake. They are reminiscent of the classic art of Patrick Nagel, whom I know most from his art being printed in Playboy Magazine. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, perhaps this will jog your memory:


Anyway, The Twi’lek females are the Swedish bikini models of the Star Wars universe. They’re a rare breed of alien that isn’t entirely human, but for some reason the head tentacles aren’t completely unacceptable. I could get past the tentacles. If these were Mon Calamari twins, then it would be a different story entirely.

As cool as this is though, I can’t justify spending 50 bucks on a print. 25 and I’m sold, but 50? Come on. Of course, I’d totally accept this as a present. Huh? Huh?

  • There are things I’d do with those head tentacles that Alabama lawmakers would cluck there tongues about.