The Thundercats Concept Art is… Concept Art

If you weren’t aware, the 1980s cartoon/toy line Thundercats is being made into an animated film. Thundercats featured a group of humanoid cat people who were the few survivors of their race. They also kicked a lot of ass.





While the concept art here isn’t super exciting, it’s nice to know they’re still working on the thing. It’s also cool to see Mumm-Ra’s pyramid and I always enjoy a bit of space action battle action. Lion-o looks a little gay, but when didn’t he really?

Here’s to hoping that the new Thundercats isn’t a complete turd. Here’s to also hoping that it revives some Thundercats toys. I know I need me an updated Cheetara and Thunder Tank.

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  • How exciting! I had no idea they were working on a new film. I loved Thundercats when I was a kid. I’m with you in hoping that they don’t completely screw it up.

  • There was a comic book wherein the ‘Cats met Superman.

    Astoundingly, it was really good.

  • Ok, I do remember and hold the memory of the Thundercats dear to my heart, and this concept art is pretty freakin’ amazing, but I’m wondering, does anyone remember Silverhawks. I know they were the Wal-Mart version of Thundercats, but I loved them. Where’s their movie?

  • Vincent

    Silverhawk rule, Emma. Fun fact: I had a female Silverhawks figure and a Green Lantern toy and I had a wedding for them. Like all my action figures attended and I even told my aunts that they were married.