The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Killing Mankind’s Greatest Achievement

Vincent   November 4, 2008   Comments Off on The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Killing Mankind’s Greatest Achievement

There was an incident that occurred in last night’s, The Sarah Conner Chronicles (i.e. the Terminator TV show) that angered me on the behalf of all humanity in that fictionalized universe. I realize that not everyone watches the show, so let me catch you up to speed quickly. You must know about this.

There are three losers who stole some stuff from the Terminator family. The mom, Sarah Conner, and her robot guard chick confront the guys in an abandoned bowling alley. They get their stuff back when out of the blue, the Terminator with the huge forehead fatally shoots the three dudes. Her justification for the murders is the thieves knew the location of the house (aka their secret base of operations). It doesn’t seem like Sarah has a whole lot of problems with it either, except she lets another dude who was taking a dump in the bathroom go while the robot is busy in another part of the bowling alley.

Not only does the Terminator nonchalantly kill whomever she chooses (which really runs counter productive to saving humanity), but she also did the world a huge disservice: She robbed the future of the coolest film in history. You see, just before the guys were shot and killed by her they were talking about a film they wanted to make. This film involved President Lincoln traveling across country by train. His train breaks down near Gettysburg and when he gets into town he finds that it just happens to be swarming with zombies.

My friends, when Skynet drops the nukes on humanity that won’t even compare to the crime which the Summer Glau-bot committed by killing those three geniuses. Their cinematic work of art will never reach the screens in Terminator-verse. Perhaps that was the true mission of the robot. Not to save John Conner, but to destroy humanity’s greatest artistic achievement.