The Super Tough, Yet Super Cute Battle Beasts


This amazing illustration captures the essence of the super cool and super tough Battle Beasts with a cute charm.

For those of you too young to remember or way to cool at the time, Battle Beasts were a series of small figures that were humanoid animals that loved to battle. Each one had a symbol on their chest that you had to rub to reveal their allegiance, wood, water, or fire. Great stuff at the time, mostly because you got two at a time and you never knew what kind you were going to get.

Thanks to: The Retroist (on Facebook)

  • Lamar the Revenger

    There’s another thing I loved! I got one question, did your heat-sensitive sticker fall off and or the arm break off? About a year ago, I was 5 seconds away from buying a tupperware container full of them. I was a stupid idiot for not buying it. I hang my head in shame.

  • I don’t think I had those problems with mine. Yeah, I have always meant to look for them more but haven’t made much of an effort.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Since that one time, I’ve only seen one since. (of course I bought it. Even if it was in a $2 toy bag.)

  • I think you made a good choice there.

  • Joe

    Wow I completely forgot about these. I do remember a few of mine losing their stickers or at least eventually the heat sensitivity would lose its magical powers and you could just see the symbol all the time. Remember there being a pretty big boom of this type of stuff, around the same time Zartan was introduced to GI Joe.

  • Chad B

    I had one or two lose their arms. One was the bat with the hook for a hand, that was a sad day as he was my favorite. None of the ones I got from the store lost their stickers, but some of the ones I got from friends already had their stickers missing. Probably victims to some over aggressive rubbing.