The Star Wars Anime

Star Wars anime screenshot

The above video is some early footage of a Star Was anime made by a rather talented fan.

Another fan of the first guy went ahead and added some music and sound effects! It’s even more dynamic:

I loathe most anime, but this actually looks decent. Of course there’s no real story or dialogue to ruin it yet… but still there’s a lot of promise here. I haven’t seen any update on this in a long time, so I hope that it isn’t forgotten.

  • Chris Piers

    Otaking has also done some pretty cool Doctor Who animation. Except it adds a very over-the-top anime chick as a companion and that part doesn’t seem to fit. But his Daleks and Cybermen are amazing.

  • Chris Piers

    Here’s his Doctor Who anime:

  • Ari Fleeman

    Holy crap that Doctor Who anime is awesome!! that would make for a great filler between seasons or just as a little add on