The SDCC ’11 My Little Pony. Pony!


As a public service to the ladies out there, I thought I’d let you in on the latest SDCC 2011 Exclusive announcement that may tickle your fancy, the SDCC Exclusive My Little Pony. The theme of the SDCC Exclusive My Little Pony toys for the last couple of years has been that of superheroes and I suppose this one could fit into the mold, except that she’s a bit more dark and brooding. Perhaps a Frank Miller-ish My Little Pony?

She’ll be available at the show for a mere 14.99 at the show and possibly be obtainable via the Hasbro Toy Shop website after the show. I say possibly, because you never know what’s going to disappear within five seconds of it going up.

Now I must apologize to all the ladies that are reading this for news, but I must take a second and address this retarded Brony thing. For those not in the loop, a Brony is an adult male that collects my Little Pony toys. I collect toys myself, but if you’re a dude that collects My Little Pony and you’re not gay, that’s pretty fucked up.  I know this makes me a hypocritical douche if you ever read my defense of toy collecting, but there you have it. You’re not a Brony, you’re a weirdo. Let the ladies have their thing.

Oh yeah, and Hasbro since I’m trying to share the love for your products maybe send me some sugar? A pony to give away to my fans? Klout says I’m an influencer, so… there’s that!

Thanks to: Pop Candy

  • You are a hypocritical douche, but you are entitled to your opinion. For the record I don’t collect MLP, but I think they’re cute.

  • Barbara

    My husband doesn’t collect MLP, but he also thinks they’re cute and watches the cartoon with our 7 year old daughter. Mostly, though–I think he just does it to irritate our 9 year old son.