The Scariest OTR Dramas of All Time!

Vincent   October 31, 2013   Comments Off on The Scariest OTR Dramas of All Time!

Thing on the Fourble Board art

Happy Halloween! I thought I’d share something with you that fit the holiday, even if it’s a little old. Back when The Robot’s Pajamas podcast, The Robot’s Pajama Party, was still active I busted out two horror themed Halloween episodes. I dug them up from the grave (get it?) and put them on YouTube for your listening pleasure. Turn off the lights and listen up, you’re in for a bag of horror filled treats!

The first episode covers what is widely argued as the scariest piece of audio drama to ever air. It’s an episode of the series Lights, Out titled, “The Thing on the Fourble Board.” What’s a fourble board? You’ll find out! This episode has it all. Tons of suspense and an extremely effective use of the audio format for providing scares. Give it a listen. You won’t regret it.

The second episode covers “The House in Cyprus Canyon” from the long running radio series, Supsense. This one is another one of my favorites, if it is a bit lesser known. It features a couple buying a home and from there things get really crazy. The howling alone will send some chills up your spine.

*The awesome art by Susan Harris comes from here.