The RPJ Guide to Toy Fair 2011: Star Wars

Hasbro showed off a ton of Star Wars product at the 2011 New York Toy Fair. In order to keep my sanity and to save you some time, I decided to delve into the most noteworthy of the upcoming products. Let’s do this!

SDCC 2011 Exclusive: Death Star


This is one bizarre exclusive. First of all, it comes in an unwieldy package that would be a  nightmare to try to keep MOC. And while I’m sure there will be MOC completists that will pick this set up just to be assured that they have all the Revenge of the Jedi variant figures, the real draw of this one is the mini cards containing a mouse droid and Salacious Crumb. I’m going to bet that both of those figures will be available separately on eBay for some pretty damned high prices. As for the big set itself, I don’t see it going over that well.

It’s also interesting to note that there are placeholder figures on those cards. How much do you think they’ll be worth in a few years?

Thanks to: Jedi Insider

The Clone Wars Deluxe Mini Vehicles



Out of my strained collecting budget almost none of it goes to stuff tied into Clone Wars animated figures. I’d much rather have the “realistic” looking figures. Still, some of these mini-vehicles totally look like they could be in the films, just off screen if you will. I dig them.

The Big Vehicle


The only “big” vehicle release so far this year is the Republic shuttle. I’m guessing this one is aimed more at kids, since it’s got a ton of play features and not a lot to try and sucker the non-hardcore Star Wars crowd. I love how Hasbro is fooling kids into buying playsets. I mean, this thing is just a playset that happens to come together to form a vehicle. Now if only they could get kids to be interested in an actual playset like the Death Star. Sigh…

Thanks to: JediInsider

Vintage Style Figures


Thank the Maker.

Man, I’m really happy to be able to get a good Barriss Offee. I’ll admit it. I have a crush on her. I’ve got a bit of a thing for Indian ladies, so Barriss is right up my alley. Hell, she’s the only 12 inch figure I got when ROTS came out. Damn, I miss the Hasbro 12 inch line. Sure they weren’t as fancy as the Sideshow ones, but at least they were affordable. But I digress. Indian girls feel free to call me.


Probably the only jerk Ewok. I bet he came up with the idea of eating humans.

I love Ewoks. And here’s another one, this time it’s the Medicine “man” Logray. He’s looking pretty great. Yub Yub… or whatever.


Ugh. The second most annoying windbag of KotOR.

Hey everyone! It’s one of the most annoying characters in Knights of the Old Republic, Bastila Shan. Thank Crom she’s not Carth at least. Why couldn’t she have been Mission Vao or a Darth Revan reissue. Damn, I’m still pissed I never saw him in stores.


The bearer of the One Ring.

I’m really glad I stopped collecting clones like I was. I used to try to get every clone carded back when it was semi-possible to do so. What a nightmare that became. I rarely get clones now since I have so many. Still, this Captain Fordo here looks a little bit nicer than my other Arc trooper types. I like the cloth “skirt”, because it will allow for better poseability. Shit, I just convinced myself I need him.


Hello, ladies... may I interest you in a malt beverage?

Hot damn, this is the most pimp Lando figure I’ve ever seen.  General Lando here is a must have for my big Millennium Falcon. He’d help avoid traps with the best of them.


Female Twileks are the Swedish Bikini Models of the Star Wars universe.

It’s about damned time they made a super articulated, non-animated Aayla Secura. I’m afraid she’s going to be a hard one to find in toy aisle, friends.


Reminds me of a case of space crabs I had once...

Who is this guy? I heard he made a splash with fans. He looks like a perfect example of Expanded Universe garbage. I’d say he looks like he couldn’t possibly exist in the movie universe… but I guess Jar Jar destroys most of those arguments.

Thanks to: SirSteve’sGuide

  • I am so glad I am not a Star Wars collector, it must be worse than being a MOTUC and Transformers collector combined.

    That Lando is PIMP! That skull face guy, I’ll call him Skeletor’s Uncle looks pretty awesome, but he does NOT look like he belongs. I’m a casual SW Fan, but the expanded universe stuff just turns me off completely.