The RPJ Guide to Toy Fair 2011: Indiana Jones

The RPJ Guide to Toy Fair 2011: Indiana Jones


One of the hands down most exciting announcements at Toy Fair (for me) is the San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive Indiana Jones set. The set includes Toht, Marion Ravenwood, Satipo, German Mechanic, Indy in German Disguise and Indy.

I can’t express how excited I am about this exclusive set. I was super big into the Hasbro Indiana Jones toy line that popped up in 2007 and quickly died. Hasbro is normally amazing at these types of lines, but they really blew it with Indiana Jones. By the time the figures started getting really good aisles were still clogged with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull figures nobody wanted. The final two waves based on The Last Crusade and Temple of Doom barely made it to toy stores. I ended up having to buy a case of figures for a fair amount of cash to get Temple of Doom (ending up with way too many Mutt Williams figures in the deal) and I picked up the rarest Last Crusade figures on eBay after prices cooled on them a bit.

As happy as I was to “complete” my collection, I was sad that I was never going to get the next planned wave that ended up being canceled, the second selection of figures from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The best figure that we never got was Toht (with melting head!). Until now! I don’t know how Hasbro got this done, but I’m unbelievably grateful that we can now get our hands on these figures. Hell, even the filler figure of Indiana Jones has got a new head sculpt, which is awesome because the line had some pretty iffy sculpts when it started out.

Thanks to: Toy News International

  • Awesome news!! Hasbro is really doing some awesome SDCC exclusives this year, I just hope I can pick them up at Hasbro Toy Shop. Still need to pick up the Temple of Doom wave from ebay. Luckily they don’t seem to be so bad on there anymore.

  • No, they cooled of a lot. I’m really glad I waited. I almost bought cases to get the both of them, back when the cases were a fortune. I ended up paying about 70 for Last Crusade. I did manage to sell a few of the Indy’s so that helped defer the cost.

    I’m praying that I can get one off of HTS, but if not I’m willing to buy via eBay if it’s not *too* much.