The RPJ Guide to Toy Fair 2011: G.I. Joe

Hey ya, kids. Since my New York Toy Fair 2011 invite was lost in the mail, I figured I’d do some armchair type coverage on some of my favorite lines as a post game wrap up. I figure we’ll kick off with G.I. Joe, since it’s one of my favorite toy lines in the last few years.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive – Starscream Skystriker


This is ball dropping awesome. Not only are we going to get a brand new Skystriker (Remember, the old mold is rumored to be destroyed by Funskool in India. Plus, it wouldn’t fit today’s bigger Joes), but it’s going to cost 30 bucks retail. That’s a damned good price considering the site of the jet.

To make it even cooler, San Diego Comic Con attendees will get to stab each other to death in the hopes of scoring this amazing variant in Transformers colors, in this case Decepticon second in command Starscream. No, it doesn’t transform, the cost of something that size transforming would be insane, but its an amazing shout out for fans of both Transformers and G.I. Joe. And not only is Cobra Commander included, but please take note that he’s armed with a Generation 1 gun mode Megatron. This is so awesome, I can barely type.  Hasbro better be making a billion of these variants. (Fun fact: This makes the first official production toy of both mega brands meeting)

SDCC 2011 Exclusive – Zarana


While not as exciting as the Starscream Skystriker, fans have been wanting Zarana, Zartan’s cousin, for a long time. I have no idea why she’s an exlusive and not a regluar release, but there we have it. She’ll be available in regular and a varient as part of the band Cold Slither, though she was not in the band in the cartoon. Please read that previous sentence in a stereotypical nerd voice.

The Rest of the G.I. Joe and Cobra Team

While there were a lot of G.I. Joe and Cobra figures at the New York Toy Fair, I picked out some of the most noteworthy. Overall it was a pretty impressive line-up, even though there were quite a few repaints. I’m really excited that they’re going to go back to making updated versions of classic figures. It’s why I became a fan again of G.I. Joe in 2007!


Mother flipping Storm Shadow!

I’d pretty much given up on Storm Shadows. I had all of the ones I wanted… or so I thought! This resculpt/redo of my all time favorite G.I. Joe figure is amazingly well done. Its hard to believe they topped the 25th Anniversary version, but they did.

It's not known if Crazy Legs has the Jimmy legs.

It's not known if Crazy Legs has the Jimmy legs.

I’m probably one of the few people that’s really looking forward to this Crazy Legs redo. This figure means a lot to me because my Grandpops had got him for me when I was a kid.

No, he's not SyFy now.

No, he's not SyFy now.

I always thought Sci-fi was a neat figure, despite his super yellow color scheme. This version looks pretty rad, and I’m sort of looking forward to the inevitable “realistic” repaint.


This is you in G.I. Joe.

Steel brigade is back! I don’t have much more to say than it’s pretty cool to see the figure that used to be a sweet mail-away as a figure in the “25th” style (or Generation 3, if you will).

Sad that the name makes me think of Richard Marx.

It's sad that the name makes me think of Richard Marx.

The brand new figure of Hazard Viper is awesome. He’s like the Toxic Viper, but about twenty times better. By the way, if he was a video game boss, you’d have to shoot him in the tanks on his chest.

Don't mess with Texas... I mean Destro.

Don't mess with Texas... I mean Destro.

Speaking of video game bosses, this guy totally looks like one. This here is the new Iron Grenadier. While no human being could possibly carry a gun that large, we’ll just assume that Desto pumps his dudes full of steroids.

Also known as Daft Punk Viper

Also known as Daft Punk Viper

I was never that big on the look of the original Techno-Viper, but I’m a sucker for every day type of accessories and that cobra safety cone must be mine. Yeah, I want to buy an action figure for a safety cone. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Okay, I sort of am.


Predators beware.

Who needs another B.A.T. variant? Um, everyone. This B.A.T. is super sweet and he comes with a wicket awesome gun. I do question the inclusion of the machete though, why would he need to cut through jungle? He’s a robot. He should be able to barge on through.

Thanks to: Digital Monkey Box, The Terror Drome, Toy News International, HissTank

  • Nik

    These all look really damn good. Fuck I thought I was done with GI JOE.

  • Wow. I may just have to sell a kidney so I can get one those Sky Striker Starscreams.

    That Storm Shadow looks like the best one ever produced in a long, long line of Storm Shadows!

    I’m happy we’re finally getting Zaranna, but she’s about three years too late for me really, but I’m still excited. The Iron Grenaider looks mega-badass, and the “Daft Punk Viper” looks cool, but the Cobra road cone looks awesome!

    All this with Sentinel, and they really haven’t even announced what they’re doing for Transformers yet. Mattel is going to have to try pretty damn hard to top Hasbro this year!

  • Crazy Legs & Sci Fi are probably two of my favorite original Joes, I can’t wait to snap them up. And if internet hype is any indication, I don’t think anyone will have a chance at grabbing one of those Skystrikers from Hasbro Toy Shop after SDCC … they will be GONE at the show.

  • Well, just look at Sgt. Slaughter… it was like that never even existed.

    Honestly, as cool as I think this is I think I’m going to pass. I have MP Starscream, so that pretty much sates any desire I have to own a Starscream airplane. Of course I think the clincher is the Cobra Commander and to scale Megatron which really seal the deal.

    If money was no object I’d get one for myself as well as every one of my internet pals. Heck, if money was no object, I’d get my own F-16, have it decoed in ‘ol Screamer’s colors, and fly everyone out to SDCC.

    I hate to say it, but with something like this, I don’t think its meant quite to be distributed out for the masses, but more something unique and special that can only be obtained at SDCC, therefore making it a nice crown jewel of someone’s collection. Of course that just makes the rest of us fanboys want it even more, like enough to give up their own firstborn.

  • The Sky Striker Starscream is pretty awesome. If the price isn’t too much I’ll definitely pick one up if any are around at HTS.