The Rocketeer Six Inch Funko Legacy Collection Figure Review!

Vincent   July 23, 2015   Comments Off on The Rocketeer Six Inch Funko Legacy Collection Figure Review!

Rocketeer-Action-Figure-Funko Legacy

Boy howdy, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a toy review, mostly because I don’t collect a lot of toys any more. You can say I’m semi retired. But once I think I’m out, they keep pulling me back in. In this case it’s Funko with it’s Rocketeer (aka Cliff Secord) figure. Hot damn, this is the kind of toy I would have fallen all over myself begging my parents for back when the film first came out. But… it’s not entirely a match made in heaven.


The Awkwardteer

The first thing here is the rather poor presentation in the box. All three Rocketeers that were at my local Toys R Us had an awkward hand and foot positioning issue in their boxes. They also had a bit of brown paint from his hair transferred to the inside of the box. It’s like they didn’t wait for him to dry when they put him in. I picked the one with the most amount of hair left and that just happened to be the one that had dropped his pistol in the package. This is why other companies use the little clear rubber bands.


Also of note is the back of the package which features our pal Cliff in a photo from a movie, which is in severe need of some touch up love via the magic of Photoshop. It’s way too blue and comes off looking really dull. I’m bringing all this up because if I were a moc collector these issues would have been an immediate pass. However, I’m not so these issues don’t bother me all that much.


I opened my Rocketeer figure and thankfully, that’s where the bad news ends. My biggest fear is that his arms or legs would break off instantly, because they used clear plastic for the joints for some reason and they don’t inspire confidence. So far so good.

I really dig the sculpting on this figure and the paint is good enough to get the job done. His eyes aren’t wonky which seems to be an issue with toys these days. One sticking point is that the pins in his legs are made from the same clear plastic and they’re not painted. Shesh, just paint them the same color as his pants and they’d be a lot less noticeable.

Rocketeer’s articulation is enough to get the job done. I couldn’t really get him into a good flying pose, but his ready for action ground poses are great.


His jet pack looks great, though it’s worth noting that it’s non-removable. His helmet isn’t really a helmet, it’s a separate head. This probably helps from giving a huge head if they had gone the helmet route. I can’t imagine that I’ll have him displayed without his super iconic finned helmet, so I’ll have to store Cliff’s head along with all the other accessories I can’t use. Anyway, the fin on the helmet is soft plastic and it bends just enough to the left to annoy me.

One thing I really don’t like on this figure is that there are no holes in his feet, which means there’s no stands that you can put him on. This is a tad aggravating, because the shelf I put these types of figures on is rather high and I’m really afraid he’ll end up taking a nose dive without the added support.


Despite my complaints, this is a great figure and better than I would have ever expected to get in a six inch scale Rocketeer action figure. Now let’s get a Jennifer Connelly as Jenny to go along with this!