The Robots PJs is Taking a Break!

Babette and I are going to take a break from the internet due to a move back to the great state of Wisconsin. She’s going to law school and I will hopefully get a job in the cheese mines. Our travel across the U.S. will be one filled with adventure. We’ll be riding a motorcycle along with a dog in a sidecar helping the people we meet and putting right what once went wrong.


So please, in the meantime please enjoy this photo of a Green Lantern Freddie Mercury battling Darkseid. It’s the least we can do.


  • Have a safe trip back and say hi to WI for me!

  • We’ll be here when you get back. Have a good trip!

  • wow! you’re about half way to PA. be safe watch out for anything… nasty.. and hurry back. i can’t live without this site.

  • Chad

    Good luck with your move Paul! And nice Renegade reference.

  • yay! lemme know when you get here!