The Robot’s Pajamas FaceBook Page is Open for Business

If you’re a trendy internet user, there’s no doubt you use the “social networking” site Facebook. Well, The Robot’s Pajamas is proud to have a Facebook Page and you should become a fan!


Why would you want to become a fan, you ask? Well, you can be the first to know about cool stuff like contests. It’s also a good database for images you might have missed before and you can post your own images as well. Finally, there’s a discussion “board” section where you can talk about robots and spaceships all day if you’d like. Oh yeah, and it will also make your penis bigger.* How could you not want to be a part of such an exciting opportunity?

*Void if you are a female.

  • That is nice, I will follow you.

    A suggestion, you should also make a twitter profile, if you already do not have 1. I have a twitter profile, If you want you can follow me. :)

  • Rex

    I also use Facebook. This is great!